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Video: Megan Fox interview with Chinese TV

16 Mar



Check out the full interview for Talking ‘To Hollywood’ Megan did with Betty Zhou back in July 2015 its for a Chinese TV channel. Further below are some pics


2 TMNT 2 on set interviews

18 Dec



Two on set interviews with Megan and the gang have been released, in the first with ET Canada Megan talks a bit about wanting to impress her sons, she also does some singing and in the second with MTV she talks about what to expect from the sequel.

ET Canada




TMNT 2 on Set Interview with Megan, Will and Stephen

11 Dec



Megan talks about TMNT 2 and says that social media can be bad for young kids. Check out the video below




TMNT 2 officially in post production

12 Aug


While there hasn’t been news of filming for a while Its been confirmed that TMNT 2 is now in officially in post production, the movie is Due to start hitting theaters in June 2016

more info http://movieweb.com/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-2-wraps-production/


Megan Fox runs through traffic on the TMNT 2 set July 10th

11 Jul


Check out the pics of Megan on the TMNT 2 set July 10th, she is running through traffic again


April’s in trouble on the TMNT 2 set July 9th

10 Jul

Megan Fox on the

Check out the pics from the night of July 9th, looks like April’s in a tight spot. More pics on my Tumblr


Megan Fox on the TMNT 2 set July 7th

8 Jul


Check out the fan pics posted from July 7th below is a pic posted by Stephen Amell

11659438_883667111718557_2834389961600516498_n (1)The above pic was posted by Stephen Amell on Facebook saying “That’s a wrap” he has finished filming TMNT 2

Alan Ritchson said the same, I’m not 100% sure if Megan has wrapped

That’s a wrap! Very proud of this film. It looks bigger and better than the first and features way more turtle power. #Raphael #TMNT2 #2016