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Megan Fox’s Charity Auction ending soon

11 Dec


Megan and other celebs are supporting a charity Auction benefiting the Children’s hospital in LA, you can buy a signed ornament with all proceeds benefiting the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Megan’s Charity Auction has just over 1 day left. I am not associated with the auctions See Megan’s Facebook for more info https://www.facebook.com/MeganFox

Links to the two ornaments Megan signed



Other celebs are supporting the cause see all the Auctions with this link





Support Megan and Vote for TMNT 2014

7 Oct


Support Megan Fox in the Forbes 30 under 30 list

Forbes will announce their 30 most important innovators and influencers under 30 on December 16th You can help sway the judges opinion by Tweeting support for Megan. Just Tweet Megan’s name followed by #Forbes30

so it should look like this

Megan Fox #Forbes30

you can include more in the tweet like why you support Megan

eg Megan Fox #Forbes30 because she is awesome

more info here


Vote for TMNT 2014

As your most anticipated movie of 2014

Vote here http://www.superherohype.com/ its in the top Right corner


Megan 11th on Empires 100 sexiest Movie stars

Check it out here http://www.empireonline.com/100sexiest2013/women/women.asp?star=11



Megan Fox really cares about Veterans

1 Feb


Just came across a post by a guy on Instagram who runs a series of sites called AmericanStrong which support veterans. He had some nice words about Megan having met her on Veterans day 2011. I found few more pics on his AmericanStrong Facebook, check them out below

Was contacted by Megan Fox on Veterans Day.. She came down and talked for about an hour on what more she can do for veterans… Fun time nice girl..she definitly gave a bigger shit than average people