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Happy 4th Birthday Noah Shannon Green

29 Sep



Happy birthday to the birthday boy and congratulations to the parents. God Bless



Happy 3rd Birthday Noah Shannon Green!

27 Sep


Happy 3rd Birthday to Noah I hope he has a great day and congratulations to the proud parents Megan and Brian. God bless the Fox-Green family.



Megan Fox wants to change the world

2 Oct


I’m posting four interviews here that I posted on my Tumblr/twitter earlier check them out below

Mornings interview

I edited out a pap picture of Megan with Noah at about 1.35 the other pic you see isn’t Megan or Noah/Bodhi.

Megan was asked what her kids think of seeing her on TV she said they are too young to understand

 Megan wants to change the world

this is an interview with Loaded UK magazine most of this article is the author repeating stuff from previous
interviews or giving opinion. below are the
original parts of the interview

“I don’t want my sons to grow up and
think there’s anything wrong with that
or that women should be underestimated
for something like that,” she says flatly
about her boys Noah Shannon, who turned
two in September, and seven-month-old
Bodhi Ransom.
“I want them to grow up and know
sexiness doesn’t mean you’re stupid
or vapid and they can grow up with the
understanding that I can be all things.”

“I enjoy it and embrace it,” she says
about being probably the world’s most
desired mother. “I think it’s actually part of
my personality, part of my essence and
my being is that sort of pin-up image and
I enjoy it because I know I’m not a stupid
girl and I don’t have to solely rely on that.
I’m aware that being clever and a pin-up
makes me dangerous and I enjoy that.

talking about some mistakes she has made

“I don’t regret anything because
everything I’ve been through was
absolutely necessary to get me to the point
where I am emotionally and spiritually,”
she says. “I have to learn those lessons. Maybe my life would’ve been easier at that
time but I would’ve encountered another
challenge that was maybe even worse. It’s
taught me a lot, to temper myself and to
temper… what you call outspoken, I call
courage, but it needs to be tempered. You
can’t be like that all the time and that’s
something you learn as you get older.”

“I was a huge fan of the Turtles as a
kid,” she says. “When Michael got it, it
was almost guaranteed it was going to be
a big deal because he doesn’t make small,
shittymovies. So apart from being a fan,
I knew there was going to be a budget
behind it and enough people behind it that
it would be amazing because I wouldn’t
want to make it if the fans were going to
hate it.”
Despite being an unabashed fan of the
Heroes In A Half Shell, she says as a girl
she wasn’t actually allowed to play with
any of those plastic figures that were an
almost ubiquitous feature of children’s
bedroom floors in the ’80s.
“I didn’t get any of the toys because we
didn’t have a lot of money and my parents
were very strict religiously,” she says.

“As I get older, and especially when
you have kids, you finally see, not only
how unimportant Hollywood is but
just in general, how large life is and
how interconnected we all are and the
importance of spirituality and what
humanity is really here for,” she tells
Loaded. “These are the things you think
about as opposed to box office draw or
endorsement deals so I think it’s a mistake
for anyone to make Hollywood a priority
because it isn’t a steady, sturdy, real

Fox has also turned to a very Californian
sense of spirituality.
“It makes it impossible to view yourself
as a victim in any circumstance,” she
says, “because you understand you chose
it or it was chosen for you by spirit guides
and there’s a reason for every encounter
and opposition. You’re meant to benefit
eventually but you have to be aware
because that helps you learn the lessons so
much quicker. Otherwise you’ll walk in a
circle and find you meet the same types of
people and make the same mistakes until
you address it and transcend it.
“I think even in very small ways – like if
you’re in traffic and everyone’s pissed off
and shouting, ‘Fuck!’ But you can’t make
me mad with that shit anymore. It’s not
important and doesn’t mean anything.”

Does she still feel self-doubt?
“At times,” she says. “But it’s not
part of my daily existence. Meditation is
something I do to stay positive. If you stay
positive with your mind then inevitably
you will attract positivity and the times
I’ve faced the most adversity in my life, it
wasn’t actually from outside forces. It was
things I brought into my own world from
my own negativity.”
With her family now the centre of her
universe, when choosing roles Fox is
just as concerned with how her sons will
handle her filming schedule as what the
part could do for her career.
“I do love being a mum so much I’m
not going to compromise myself and
do something I’m not sure about or not
passionate about because it’s not worth it
to me,” she stresses. “I don’t think there’s
anything contradictory about my being
a parent. I don’t you think you can’t do
nudity anymore or can’t do sex scenes or
can’t be in violent films. But I can’t move
my kids to Bulgaria or Peru.”
No doubt with one eye on the way
Angelina Jolie has transformed herself from a tearaway sex icon to a global
stateswoman, Fox says she’d love to
pursue UN work to put her fame to some
tangible use.
“I think that is definitely a path that is
probably necessary for me at some point
because now we’re dealing with things
that really do matter,” she adds.
“We’re somehow attempting to affect
global change and I think that’s ultimately
what all of us should be doing, adding to
positive change in society and humanity.
“I don’t know how qualified I will ever
become to do something exactly like that.
But philanthropy – that’s somewhere I’d
hope to be headed.”
Fox sounds in a much better place than
she was a few years back – and it doesn’t
seem likely she cares about critics who
snarl that she’s no astrophysicist or
world-changing method-actor.
So, what’s it like to have Megan Fox for
a mum and a wife?
“Sometimes I’m like a hippy granola
parent in that I’m not giving them
television, or computers or cell phones
because I think we live in an ADHD culture
that’s spurred on by the constant use of
electronics,” she says.
But she adds, “In terms of being strict,
not at all. Like I’m going to be really liberal
and lenient.
“If they want to have girlfriends, they
should bring them right on over because
kids are going to do what kids do and I
would rather that they do it where they’re
safe at my house.”
Fox’s laidback approach to parenting –
so different to the strict one she knew
as a child – might sound like it’s all fun
and games.
But spare a thought for her husband.
He has to put up with her leaving crumbs
around the house and making a mess.
“Brian’s a little more uptight than I am
with regards to cleanliness and so we butt
heads over things like I let the babies eat
and throw food and drop stuff and splash
in the bath because I feel I can clear it up
and just let them be kids while they’re kids
and he’s pulling his hair out.
“I won’t let him correct it and it drives
him crazy. He walks behind me, dusting
after me wherever we go. We’re opposites
that way.”


Megan fears for Big Foot if he is ever caught + she likes some Australian Designers

Translated via google translate

Gonzoo: What they have in common with the new turtles we have seen in the past?

MEGAN FOX: I think we are very similar to previous tapes turtles. The director has been faithful to the comic. People want to see the turtles with which they grew up, and ours are so fun, funny and ridiculous as the original.

G .: The film makes several nods to the original film (as yellow leather jacket and red hair). How did you feel redhead? Do you think that redheads can have more fun than blondes?

MF: I must confess that I did not feel strange with red hair. And I do believe that redheads have more fun. Although I do not share that cliché of society that says that blondes are not taken as seriously as brunettes.

To find the right tone, the red hair had to try until you find the one. We wanted to be loyal to the original. There was a time when I was super red as Red Sonja, and really loved it. I felt powerful, sexy and hot.

G: What is your favorite super power?

M.F .: good question. I think I’d be invisible, I love nosing around, spying on everyone and know what happens all the time. It would also be nice to be able to fly or teleport, as I would be on time for all sites. And now that I think about it I think I would go to ancient Egypt, these great empires and find out who built the pyramids.

G: If turtles were real, do you think that society would welcome? Perhaps would take advantage of their powers or call freaks’

M.F .: Society, in general, maybe not. I think about these things all the time. I think ‘Big Footis real. It scares me to think that someone will find. I’ll bet you end up in a situation like King Kong, in which the captured and tortured with experiments in the name of science.

I do not know if we are ready to show empathy; I rather think that is part of human nature to feel in control through violence. No, I would not like the turtles were exposed to such situations.

G: How would you like to influence your fans?

MF: With all that is happening on social networks, with adolescents and children, I realize that there is so much hatred and resentment on all sides, not only against the famous, and I do not feel anything right.

I feel apathetic youth is showing, and if I could influence them in some way, I would like to show some spirituality. I know that sounds ridiculous coming from me, but I would like help to understand the morality of things in a pragmatic way and not boring. When we think about religion or spirituality relate normally somewhat restrictive when it is not. If we become spiritual anyone can open many doors.

Megan Fox

G: You made peace with Michael Bay and came back to work with him

MF: I saw Michael during filming, but much of our communication conducted by the phone. The problem I had with him was at a point in my life where I lacked a lot of maturity, I was only 18 and, in many ways, I knew not handle it. I would have liked to be more mature to have done more productively.

I regret having behaved well, but at the same time not, because somehow made ​​our friendship even more special now.

G: What is your brand and your favorite accessory?

MF: I’m hooked on several Australian brands such as Spell & the Gypsy Collective. There are several shops that make accessories with crystals that give you that bohemian look that I love. But my favorite accessory is a ring that is made of Tibetan Dzi is considered a gemstone because of its effects supernatural protection and spiritual enlightenment. Anything that has some kind of spiritual or some such meaning I love it.

G: Which of the characters you’ve played so far in the film is most like you?

MF: I think it’s a combination of all of them. I could not choose one.

G: What advice would you give to an actor who starts?

MF: I’m still trying to find my place. I do not have much advice because I live in my own roller coaster. I’ve been learning along the way, everyone should feel their own experiences

G: When did you feel comfortable Megan Fox?

M.F .: When I’m with my children, with my husband. Family. When I have to wear no makeup, I have hair and clean face. My confidence comes alive in those moments because I do not hide behind a mask. In the premieres of movies and large presentations seems to me that people look at me for the amount of makeup they put me, I feel made ​​false.



Megan Talks TMNT and motherhood

Translated via Google translate(with some changes by me, Original below)

In the film, working as a reporter. How does it feel to be on this side of the camera?

April wants to be a famous journalist, but she is actually a red carpet reporter which makes her unhappy. For me it was fun because I have interviewed many people like her who claim to know what it means exaggerated enthusiasm. When they ask for something as stupid as the latest diet, a necklace or clothes you wear I feel absurd.

Did you know the films of the nineties?

I am a fan. As a child I loved the films. Many people believe that turtles are ridiculous, but for me it will always be epic because they meant a lot in my childhood. My husband knows Ernie Reyes Jr, actor from the turtles in the first film and he makes pizza delivery in the second .

Why do you think that these turtles are so popular?

Because they are based on the theory of the 4 Greek temperaments (choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine). the Greeks and Romans believed one of those temperaments dominates our character. We can all identify with. The Turtles do not take themselves so seriously and for many of us who live with pressure, these films give us the satisfaction of our inner child take an hour and a half.

What turtle you identify?

With Michelangelo because he does not take things too seriously and because he represents the bohemian movement of  Venice Beach surfers of the 90’s who ate pizza all day. Another of my favorite movies is ‘Point Break’, actually my son’s name is Bodhi partly comes from the character of Patrick Swayze in the movie, its not the only reason I chose that name for my son but definitely inspired me.

How he joined the project? The producer is Michael Bay, with whom he had more than a touch by his refusal to follow the saga of ‘Transformers’.
They showed me what they had in mind and asked my opinion. More than anything I think it was to probe my interest because the film is produced by Michael Bay. The meeting with the Director and he was a little scared because he did not know how I would behave; if she was a diva, if I was difficult, if it would always be coming sooner or if he would be saying that (laughs) screw him. When I met was a pleasant surprise as I saw that now I am a very open person, not as difficult as he had said and was excited for the movie. After the meeting I send several emails saying I really wanted the role, until I got it.

What has changed now she’s a mother?

Having children has changed me completely. I feel like I’m living in a totally different body, but somehow I feel much healthier now. I think I have super strength. I am very happy to have my two children. Emotionally it has helped me organize my priorities. My kids are the only thing that I think a lot of the time. Being a mother has taught me to be completely altruistic. It has made reconsider my career because I want to spend as much time as possible at home

Did you feel pressure to return to work before shooting the movie?

Yes. Because two months after having Noah I had to go for promotion. And five weeks after Bodhi have had to re-record some scenes in this movie. Of course there is pressure. Also in general, people are not very nice to mothers who work in this industry. Everyone expects you to be one way and assumed as obvious that you have access to any coach, dietician or masseuse and it’s easier to get fit. What they do not realize is that things do not work well. But you have to decide which is more important and I decided not to be influenced by the pressure to do the things I need.





Megan Fox and the Family spotted in LA + Brian posts video on Instagram

27 Sep


Megan and the family were spotted outside The Coop in LA where they celebrated Noah’s second birthday with a dinosaur themed party that included a petting zoo. I’ve also posted a great video of Kas and Noah from Brian’s instagram below http://instagram.com/arent_you_that_guy

Happy Birthday once again to Noah



The Ninja Turtles and Megan Fox are coming to Korea

15 Aug

It was just announced that Megan will be visiting Korea for a Red Carpet premiere of  TMNT and a press conference on August 26 Source

Check out  this ‘Meet the Turtles’ feature below I’ve added interviews and more

US Interview

“It looked ridiculous, so we got a yellow jacket instead,” explains the 28-year-old, who also has son Noah, 23 months, with husband of four years Brian Austin Green, 41. “I was kind of relieved it got nixed.” The Rockwood, Tennessee, native talks turtles with Us.

Q: Were you into TMNT as a kid?

I was such a big fan of the movies and the cartoon. So I pursued this pretty hard.

Q: You didn’t just film postbaby; you filmed while pregnant. Any concerns?

There’s a lot of running, climbing and jumping, so I was constantly like, Oh, I hope I’m doing everything right because I’m growing a human being.

Q: Did you bring Noah to the set?

Yes. Any moment I had, I would run back to my trailer to feed, play and bond with him while I could.

Q: Do you think your kids will watch this someday?

That was a big motivation for doing it. At some point, when they’re in their twenties, they might look back and be like, “Whoa, my mom was April. That’s kind of rad!”


Deep Mexico Interview

see it here http://meganfox86.tumblr.com/post/94766023403/the-fox-effect-translated-via-google-translate

‘Turtles’ No. 1, ‘Guardians’ No. 2

Deadline is saying TMNT will be #1 in the US again this weekend


TMNT took $4.3m on Thursday for a total of just under $118m(foreign numbers have not been updated)

Video Interview





TMNT News + Megan Fox interviews

10 Aug

Box office update

Saturday seems to have gone as expected, Deadline saying $64-66m this weekend in the US which is a great result


Internationally the movie has opened in 19 countries and has taken a total of $12m


Extended version of a previous interview

Men’s Health interview Megan

You have two people, separate beings, trying to share one life together. That’s always going to have difficulties. Brian is my soulmate. I happen to believe that. He’s definitely meant to be the father of my children.

full interview http://www.menshealth.com/best-life/megan-fox

Megan wants another baby but not right away


PEOPLE talks to Megan about “one last thing”


Media tries to sensationalise everything

She clearly wasn’t complaining just a little disappointed and she said as much in other interviews. She even defended the decision saying an untrained reporter shouldn’t be able to fight trained ninjas


 Its Brian’s job to tell Megan she looks good


Megan Fox talks TMNT and lots more

7 Aug



Lots more interviews from Megan check them out below


I’m very open. There is no religion that I follow strictly. I like the teachings of Buddhism. I meditate a lot. On the other hand, I go to church. I would be best described as an esoteric Christian. full interview here

Another interview from Mexico

We can all relate to the turtles

Interview at 1m

Megan hosts this video

’10 radical facts about the Turtles’

New interview from Comic con

Video inside the theater at the NY premiere

Megan leads the crowd in a Ninja Turtles chant

Megan Talks to MTV

You can’t please everyone


Video interview with yahoo