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video: Megan Fox on Ellen Feb 9th

10 Feb


Check out the short but sweet segment Megan did with Ellen that aired a few hours ago, she talks about New Girl, TMNT and the kids + more


Megan Fox makes her New Girl Debut + Ep 8 preview

10 Feb

NG-ep508_sc9_0023_hires2_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery


Megan made her New Girl Debut a few hours ago and from what I’ve read online people were pleased and keen to see what the future episodes would be like. Check out some clips and pics below if you want the full episode its easy to find online. Further down I’ve posted some promo pics for episode 8


Episode 8 promos


Megan Fox is on New Girl Today see previews

9 Feb


Megan begins her short run on New Girl later today in the US, in the mean time check out some preview video’s below

lots of previews here



Megan Fox will be on Ellen this Tuesday Feb 9th

6 Feb



Megan will be on Ellen Tuesday Feb 9th to promote her appearance on New Girl that same night. Check out the promo clip below and be sure to check back for a full video on Tuesday

more info http://www.ellentv.com/episodes/megan-fox-cast-of-fuller-house/


Megan Fox New Girl Promo pics

30 Jan



Megan is set to make her New Girl Debut real soon(Feb 9th, ep6) and some promo pics from episode 6 and 7 of the current season have been released to hype the occasion. Check them out below.


2 New Girl Promos + interview + the cast plays a game

22 Dec


Two New Girl promo’s were released today, I’ve also added a cast interview and a video of the cast playing who knows ELF best. Check them out below

How to make Kids think Santa is real

Megan and Brian are very crafty

“New Girl” Cast Plays “Who Knows “Elf” Best?!“


New Girl “Processing” Promo


New Girl “New Roommates” Promo



New Girl Season 5 Promo + Megan talks babies

9 Dec


Today a bunch of New girl related stuff was released including a season 5 promo(season starts Jan 5th) and some interviews. Check them out below. Earlier the above pic was posted on instagram with the comment below, so it looks like filming for the season is over


New Girl Season 5 promo video

Megan and Zooey talk babies

Megan talks New Girl

“I’ve had fun from day one,” Fox, 29, told PEOPLE. “I wasn’t sure how it was going to be because when you walk on to somebody else’s set, a tone is already in place, and you never know how you’re going to fit into that.”

read more about what her co stars say http://www.people.com/article/hannah-simone-talks-megan-fox-new-girl-steamy-shower-scene