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The Cute things Noah says and does

9 Dec


In this interview with People magazine Megan talks about some of the sweet things Noah has said, reveals that he busted his lip on the TMNT set and that he writes Haiku poems, Megan also talks a bit about her Christmas plans

“I took Noah for the first time when he was 2 to the set of [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles],”“It’s a dangerous place for kids,” “He tripped over a wire and busted open his lip, so I’ve never brought my kids back to set.”

Noah “is just growing up really fast.”

“Yesterday, he was like, ‘Mommy, I’m your baby?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ And he said, ‘But this baby is growing up.’ I was like, ‘Woah. Yeah,’ ” shares Fox, who says Noah also, “writes Haiku poems.”

“Once, he grabbed my hand and he said, ‘Mommy, I’m going to hold your hand so that I can help you if you ever fall down,’ ” Fox recalls. “He was 2 when he said that.”

And with the holidays right around the corner, Fox — who’s “big into Christmas” — is “going to do all sorts of Disneyland, Disney on Ice, Trans-Siberian Orchestra [trips and] really gear up for that day,” she says.



Megan Fox’s park stroll June 24th

25 Jun


It looks like Megan and Noah spent some time alone on Megan and Brian’s 5th wedding anniversary, they were spotted at a Beverly Hills Park June 24th. Check out the pics below, Noah has gotten so big


Happy Mother’s Day!

10 May


Happy Mother’s Day Megan! and a happy mother’s day to Megan’s mother, sister, mother in law, sister in law and kassius’s mother Vanessa.

Happy mother’s day to your mother’s and any mother’s reading this.

God Bless



Megan Fox posts pic with son Bodhi on Instagram

6 Jan


Check out the cute pic above that Megan just posted on her Instagram of herself with her youngest son Bodhi, she posted the pic with the Caption “I will give you roots and I will give you wings.”  Back in November Megan posted the below pic of Noah with the caption “Heartbreaker.” You can check out Megan’s instagram here http://instagram.com/the_native_tiger/

God Bless Noah, Bodhi and the whole Fox-Green gang



Video: Megan Fox “I’m meant to be doing both”(motherhood and work)

30 Jul

An interesting interview was just released from Mexico via EL Universal TV. In this interview Megan talks about her personal need to do things for herself(work) along side motherhood and that it’s not just for the kids as she hinted in he past

Check out the interview here


Another short Interview

“The way(motherhood) changed my way of choosing projects is looking at more  superhero type movies, because I know that my children can see them and they will like them. I think that if I do period films or even westerns they won’t like them as much. But if your mom is April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character) I think it will be great for them, “Fox said in an interview.

“I know some people do not value me as an artist but do not respond emotionally to that. What does bother me is that people think I’m stupid when I’m not. “

Megan does not show too much skin in the film produced by Michael Bay, but accepted that had no problems, nor will now have the mother of two children, in a sensual scenes.

I do not think bowling makes you less sexy scenes, actors and we have to deal with that. There are many guys who do, Chris Hemsworth “Thor” T-shirt in movies is removed because the public wants to see, “said the actress





Blogger’s release their Megan Fox interviews + Megan Might be at Comic Con + New TMNT TV spot

23 Jul


Megan did a roundtable interview with a group of parenting bloggers back in June, Today a bunch of them released their interviews/articles. They contain a lot of repeated information but also some new info. There is also a strong rumour that Megan will be at Comic Con tomorrow check back for coverage.

Make sure to check them all out






Update somehow didn’t copy and paste this one



A new TMNT TV spot was released today




Happy Fathers Day + Megan Fox talks Motherhood & Career

15 Jun


Happy fathers day to all the fathers out there who celebrate it this weekend, namely Brian and his father and Megan’s father hope you all have a great day.

In other news a Dutch site just released a small interview(or part of) probably done at the TMNT Junket earlier this week. Below is a rough translation via Goggle Translate(with some changes by me)

Megan Fox puts career on the back burner, “I want to be his mother ‘  Acting is a piece of cake compared to motherhood. “That’s real action,” she says.  And so she chooses to display  priority to her family “That means I only want to do one film a year for the time being” to be Much as possible with the kids