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Megan Fox filming New Girl Scene Nov 20th

21 Nov


Megan and Jake Johnson were spotting filming a scene for New Girl on Friday the 20th of November in LA, Check out the pics below. The new season will premiere on Jan 5th and Megan First appears in the 6th episode.



Pic: Megan + Zooey New Girl 100th table read

17 Nov




An exec at Fox just posted the above pic of Megan, Zooey and the ‘New Girl’ gang doing a table read of the 100th episode. The episode marks the return of Zooey, Megan will also star in the episode. The new season begins jan 5th 2016

100th episode table read of #NewGirl & the return of @ZooeyDeschanel! Love Zooey & @meganfox together! January 5th!




Megan Fox + Brian Austin Green’s park stroll Nov 15th

16 Nov


Megan, Brian and the kids were spotted at a park on Sunday the 15th of November. Sweet pics except sadly Brian still isn’t wearing his ring check out the pics below




Megan Fox and Brian Austin green together Nov 11th

12 Nov


Megan and Brian were spotted together on the 11th heading to a Cafe(Megan is Behind Brian) So far there is only 1 pic. Brian was also seen buying drinks on the 8th while Megan and the kids waited in the car



Lamorne Morris talks Megan Fox + New Girl Season 5

10 Nov


Lamorne Morris attended the Night of Generosity Charity event this past Friday while there he spoke about Megan and her New Girl role. Check out the interviews Below

“She’s fantastic. We’re filming right now,” Morris, 32, told PEOPLE at the 7th annual Generosity.Org Night of Generosity gala in Los Angeles on Friday. “She’s great – super funny, super fun to look at and super fun to work with.”

“You wouldn’t know there was anything [going on],” Morris told reporters at the event, which also counted Green on its guest list. “I really didn’t know.”(talking about the divorce)

“If I ever have a question, literally about anything, [I ask Megan]. She’s probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever met in my entire life by a mile – super intelligent,” added Morris. “So I just ask her questions all day about everything. We talk about astrology and aliens. We just talk about the most off-the-wall stuff.”



Zeroville Movie extended scene released ‘Vikar and the Burglar’

8 Nov


An extended scene from Zeroville called Vikar and the Burglar was just released Megan isn’t in it and it contains a lot of swearing check it out below if you want



Megan Fox + Keegan Allen on the Zeroville set

8 Nov


Keegan Allen just posted this Behind the scenes pic of himself and Megan on the zeroville set check it out above. In a recent interview James Franco mentioned that the movie will likely come out early next year

James, can you update us on your upcoming projects? Let’s start with “Zeroville.” Why wasn’t it ready for the fall festival circuit, and when can we expect to see it?
Franco: It’s funny, it’s a movie about a film editor and we’re stuck in editing. Life is imitating art. It just wasn’t ready and we want it to be perfect. We were gunning for Venice because we shot part of it there a year before, but now that we’re not racing, we’re taking our time and making sure it’s good. My guess is we’ll premiere maybe early next year.




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