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Megan Fox and her BAG spotted in LA May 17th

19 May


Looks like Megan is having a break from filming TMNT 2 in New York she was spotted with Brian and their personal trainer on Sunday May 17th in LA. Check out the pics below

pics via Just Jared and AkM-GSI


Megan Fox on the TMNT 2 Set May 16th

17 May


It looks like Megan didn’t get the day off and spent some of her Birthday on the TMNT 2 set, check out the pics below


Happy Birthday Megan Fox!!

16 May


Today May 16th Megan celebrates her 29th birthday, I’d like to  wish her a big happy birthday and all the best for the coming year, Happy birthday Megan


Megan Fox on the Ninja turtles set May 13th

14 May


Check out the pics below of Megan on Set May 13th in New york, be sure to check my Tumblr for more updates


Laura Linney Joins Megan, Will and the Turtles on Set May 12th

12 May


Check out the pics and video’s below from May 12th in New York. more content on my Tumblr http://meganfox86.tumblr.com/

pics via splash. akm gsi




Past and Present Meet on the Ninja turtles set May 11th

11 May


Judith Hoag joined Megan and Will on Set May 11th in Times Square. She played April in the 1990 TMNT Movie check out the pics and video below, further below there are pics from another scene(s) where Megan is wearing the brownish jacket.

Brown Jacket scene(s)


Quem disse que é só em LA que gravam filmes!! Olha a Megan Fox 😍😍 #TimesSquare #NYC

A video posted by Richard Correa (@richcorrea) on

pics via dailymail akm/gsi and splash


Happy Mother’s Day!

10 May


Happy Mother’s Day Megan! and a happy mother’s day to Megan’s mother, sister, mother in law, sister in law and kassius’s mother Vanessa.

Happy mother’s day to your mother’s in law and any mother’s reading this.

God Bless




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