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‘Unreleased’ Megan Fox for Armani Pics

28 Aug


A few days ago on my Tumblr I promised some really cool unseen pics and here they are. These pics were taken back in 2010/2011 I believe but were not officially released by Armani. check out all the pics below, I’ve added a video further below

Source http://www.desaintchamas.com/rubrique/celebrities/

video of the shoot

more info



Megan Fox spotted August 26th

27 Aug


Check out the pics of Megan, she was spotted earlier today Wednesday August 26th in LA, she isn’t wearing her ring but she rarely does.


Brian Austin Green Spotted wearing Wedding Ring Today

21 Aug

tumblr_ntghhmYIXO1rsah24o1_500Brian was spotted today Aug 21st filling up gas still wearing his wedding ring, he looks a little skinny there was news that had had to pull out of a TV role a little while back due to illness I hope he is doing well. For those that don’t follow my Tumblr there are new rumours that Megan has filled for divorce, see my Tumblr for more info

more pics


Brian was spotted today Aug 21st filling up gas still wearing his wedding ring, he looks a little skinny there was news that had had to pull out of a TV role a little while back due to illness I hope he is doing well

pics via Wenn and E

Proof that Megan Fox and BAG have not split

19 Aug


Rumours say that Megan and Brian split 6 months ago, I understand that the rumours say they haven’t divorced and are working on things but the info below suggests everything is as good as ever

Megan and Brian together on Valentines day 2015


this was about 6 months ago, original http://meganfox86.tumblr.com/post/111105558008/another-fanpic-from-valentines-day-you-can-see

Megan and Brian arm in arm June 2015

original http://www.justjared.com/2015/06/09/megan-fox-brian-austin-green-hold-hands-during-rare-outing/

Megan in Harper’s Bazaar released about 4-5months ago

“We ask his mom to come once a week so that we can go to dinner, go have sushi or something like that,” she says of a typical date. “But now that they’re so young, it’s just insanity.”


Megan and Brian worked out together on Monday

source watch the video http://www.etonline.com/news/170254_megan_fox_brian_austin_green_split_after_five_years_of_marriage/

Brian wearing his wedding ring Aug 3rd


fans know Megan rarely wears hers.

original http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Brian+Austin+Green/Brian+Austin+Green+Leaving+Gym/GZAhVBMB2lw

Megan took a Break in Filming TMNT 2 coinciding with fathers day and their 5th wedding anniversary

tumblr_nqd6juu7Ll1rsah24o2_1280The above pic is from June 21st(fathers day) it shows Megan arriving in LA more info https://meganfox86.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/megan-fox-at-lax-sunday-the-21st-of-june/

tumblr_nqir4xBEUx1rsah24o2_1280and this pic is from June 24th which is Megan and Brian’s 5th anniversary more info https://meganfox86.wordpress.com/2015/06/25/megan-foxs-park-stroll-june-24th/

Selling your house doesn’t mean you are splitting

Some are saying that because Megan and Brian seemingly suddenly decided to sell their house as revealed on TV show ‘flipping out’ this proves they are splitting. that’s not true according to the show they will make $500,000 profit from the sale that alone is reason enough to sell. Megan not appearing on the show doesn’t prove they are splitting either.


Megan Fox and BAG selling new house but renovations continue

13 Aug


Check out the video Below

In the second episode of Flipping out featuring Brian(first episode here) it was revealed that Megan and Brian will not be moving into the house they bought last year(info here) instead it is now an investment property. The renovations will continue however they plan to sell once its done.
Quick rundown
-Brian loves the Lakers
-Some minor flooding in the empty house
-Jeff says selling the property un-renovated means they will lose $500K if they renovate it they will make $500K
-Megan and Brian plan to buy another house
-I think Jeff is using some poetic license when talking about Megan and Brian’s financial situation/costs etc


TMNT 2 officially in post production

12 Aug


While there hasn’t been news of filming for a while Its been confirmed that TMNT 2 is now in officially in post production, the movie is Due to start hitting theaters in June 2016

more info http://movieweb.com/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-2-wraps-production/


Megan Fox spotted in Cali Aug 6th

6 Aug


Check out the pics of Megan and Noah in California August 6th, he has grown so quickly!


I added some more pics from Aug 6th Bodhi was also there apparently it was a baby class they attended.

I didn’t realise initially they were at a baby class I feel a little uneasy posting the pics because of that. If the papz make a habit of camping the baby class I won’t post the pics anymore. PS I don’t pay the papz

pics via FameFlynet Pictures/zimbio



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