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Megan Fox at a Medical building Jan 29th

30 Jan


This is the second time Megan has been photographed at a medical building recently the last being Jan 21st. I’m not sure whats going on I hope everything is ok


Megan Fox New Girl Promo pics

30 Jan



Megan is set to make her New Girl Debut real soon(Feb 9th, ep6) and some promo pics from episode 6 and 7 of the current season have been released to hype the occasion. Check them out below.


Megan Fox and her BAG spotted Jan 21st

22 Jan



Megan, Brian and Noah were spotted out and about Jan 21st, one of the sites is saying they were at a hospital, I’m not sure if its true but if so I hope everything is ok



Megan Fox and BAG happy spouses Jan 17th

19 Jan



Megan, Brian and Noah were spotted out on the 17th in LA grabbing some lunch, check out the pics below



Amicable spouses Megan Fox and BAG grab a bite

8 Jan


Megan and her husband Brian were spotted grabbing a bite to eat on Thursday the 7th of Jan. The first pic of Megan for 2016 and the first pic for a while.




Merry Christmas!

25 Dec


I just want to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas, especially the Fox-Green family and any other families going through tough times. Hopefully this time of year can help heal and strengthen


2 New Girl Promos + interview + the cast plays a game

22 Dec


Two New Girl promo’s were released today, I’ve also added a cast interview and a video of the cast playing who knows ELF best. Check them out below

How to make Kids think Santa is real

Megan and Brian are very crafty

“New Girl” Cast Plays “Who Knows “Elf” Best?!“


New Girl “Processing” Promo


New Girl “New Roommates” Promo