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Megan Fox + Zooey on New Girl Episode 100

9 Mar



Episode 100 of New Girl aired yesterday marking the return of Zooey and Megan’s final episode. The episode and specifically Megan got good reviews but again the rating’s are kinda low. I would like to see Megan again on the series and I hope the ratings don’t prevent this. Check out some clips and pics below


New Girl Ep 100 Promo Megan + Zooey together

3 Mar


Check out the Promo’s for New Girl’s 100th episode, it Marks the return of Jess, Zooey Deschanel‘s Character and Megan’s fifth and final episode(for now at least). The episode airs¬† on Tuesday in the US check your local guides.



Pics and Vids of New Girl s5 ep9

2 Mar


Check out some pics and clips from the latest and second last of Megan’s New Girl episodes. The reviews for this episode were good but again the rating were slightly down.



New Girl S5 Ep8 Promo’s

23 Feb

Cbn5q6GVIAA03Ty.jpg large - Copy

Check out some video Promo’s for tonight’s episode of New Girl, its Megan’s 3rd of 5 check your local guides


Megan in s5 Episode 7 of New Girl

17 Feb



Yesterday the second of Megan’s 5 episodes of New Girl aired and again the reviews of Megan’s performance seem positive and the early rating are steady. Check out a few stills and clips from the episode below,¬† the full episode is pretty easy to find online if you are interested.



Megan Fox on New Girl Ep 7 promo video’s

15 Feb



Check out the two promo video’s released for New Girl season 5 episode 7, this will be Megan’s second out of the 5 she filmed. The episode airs tomorrow in the US(check your local guides)



Megan Fox makes her New Girl Debut + Ep 8 preview

10 Feb

NG-ep508_sc9_0023_hires2_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery


Megan made her New Girl Debut a few hours ago and from what I’ve read online people were pleased and keen to see what the future episodes would be like. Check out some clips and pics below if you want the full episode its easy to find online. Further down I’ve posted some promo pics for episode 8


Episode 8 promos