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Megan Fox and BAG are renovating their house on a TV show

2 Jul


Megan and Brian are doing a million dollar renovation of the house(formely owned by Bing Crosby) they purchased last June. The kicker is they are doing it with the help of the tv show ‘Flipping out’ on Bravo

Check out the video below it only has Brian in it but Megan might appear in a future episode


More Megan Fox for Harper’s + Stephen Amell is Casey Jones in TMNT 2

1 Apr


We have a new pic from the Harper’s Bazaar shoot posted by photographer John Russo

Megan also posted a behind the scenes video from the shoot on Instagram. TMNT news below

Harpers Bazaar Arabia #BTS

A video posted by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on


In TMNT news its been confirmed that Stephen Amell is playing Casey jones in TMNT 2 and as I mentioned a little while back on Tumblr Alessandra Ambrosio has also join the cast. Some shooting was done with Will and Alessandra at a basketball game. Main shooting should start very soon.

Amell tested with a half-dozen actors over the weekend, but it was his chemistry with Fox that led to the studio eventually giving the role to the star of CW’s “Arrow.” Paramount had no comment on the casting.



Megan Fox and BAG support the Aaron Project

6 Mar

11029540_433108763522084_1902192010594962388_nMegan and Brian have thrown their support behind “The Aaron Project”, which seeks to honour the memory of 9 year old Aaron by raising funds to support deserving students.

“The Aaron Project was conceived out of the tragic loss of 9-year-old Aaron Beauchamp on March 26, 2012 in a bus accident that took his life and injured a number of other St. Lucie County children on their way home from school.

The Beauchamp family and their friends wish to honor the memory of Aaron, who was a leader in all aspects of his life: academically, athletically, and artistically. The Aaron Project’s goal is to annually award monetary college scholarships to deserving St. Lucie County high school seniors who desire to further their educations, even as Aaron’s own life was tragically cut short.”

For more info see


Vote for Megan, Will and TMNT in the 2015 Kids Choice awards

20 Feb


Voting is open for the 2015 Kids Choice Awards, Megan, Will and the TMNT movie are nominated so if you are a kid vote for them using the links below, the show airs March 28th 8/7c.

Vote for Megan as fav movie actress

Vote for Will as fav movie actor

Vote for TMNT as fav movie


Interview and more Pics of Megan Fox in Japan

12 Feb


Check out the video interview below as well as some more pics of Megan in Japan. Above you can see Megan with the winning artwork in a TMNT art competition held in Japan. If you are wondering how the movie did, It topped the Japanese market by taking $2.1m(US) in 2 days.

Pics: Megan Fox at an Aquarium in Japan + More

6 Feb


Check out some pic of Megan and Will’s visit to a Japanese Aquarium, I don’t have much info about the video but you can see they talked about Gundam’s and sailor moon. Hopefully we get the video soon

There was also a text interview inwhich Megan repeated why people like the turtles(they can relate to their personalities) and what it was like filming the movie.

Below I have added some video I posted on Tumblr earlier of the press conference and interviews from the red carpet

More pics from the press junket

extended video of the press conference in Japan, Megan talks about Holidaying in Japan while pregnant in 2012 + more

Megan talks Sailor moon, Gundam wing, collecting comics in Japan + more red carpet interview starts at about 2min


Megan Fox visiting Japan Feb 2nd + TMNT 2 films in April

28 Jan


Megan will be visiting Japan February 2nd to promote and attend the premiere of TMNT, which is due for release on February 7th there.


A while back I mentioned on Tumblr and Twitter that TMNT 2 would start filming in April, it was kinda expected so I didn’t make a post about it here but thought I’d mention it here now.

We’re in prep right now. We start shooting in New York in April.”

more info about TMNT 2



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