Proof that Megan Fox and BAG have not split

19 Aug


Rumours say that Megan and Brian split 6 months ago, I understand that the rumours say they haven’t divorced and are working on things but the info below suggests everything is as good as ever

Megan and Brian together on Valentines day 2015


this was about 6 months ago, original

Megan and Brian arm in arm June 2015


Megan in Harper’s Bazaar released about 4-5months ago

“We ask his mom to come once a week so that we can go to dinner, go have sushi or something like that,” she says of a typical date. “But now that they’re so young, it’s just insanity.”

Megan and Brian worked out together on Monday

source watch the video

Brian wearing his wedding ring Aug 3rd


fans know Megan rarely wears hers.


Megan took a Break in Filming TMNT 2 coinciding with fathers day and their 5th wedding anniversary

tumblr_nqd6juu7Ll1rsah24o2_1280The above pic is from June 21st(fathers day) it shows Megan arriving in LA more info

tumblr_nqir4xBEUx1rsah24o2_1280and this pic is from June 24th which is Megan and Brian’s 5th anniversary more info

Selling your house doesn’t mean you are splitting

Some are saying that because Megan and Brian seemingly suddenly decided to sell their house as revealed on TV show ‘flipping out’ this proves they are splitting. that’s not true according to the show they will make $500,000 profit from the sale that alone is reason enough to sell. Megan not appearing on the show doesn’t prove they are splitting either.


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