Megan Fox and BAG uninjured in car crash

5 Dec

Megan and were Brian uninjured after a drunk driver crashed into them Thursday night, thankfully the kids were not with them at the time. The Drunk driver was also uninjured. Megan and Brian are expected at the Night of Generosity charity event today(the event starts 7.30 LA time) even though they were uninjured I wonder if they will be able to attend.

Enews is saying Megan’s rep commented and said “They’re both fine.”

from TMZ

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had a rough Thursday night, when they were sideswiped near Mulholland Drive by a drunk driver.

We’re told Brian was driving a Range Rover at 9:30 PM when a Mini Cooper going in the opposite direction crossed over the yellow line and somewhat violently sideswiped them … enough to blow a tire. The Mini Cooper spun around and eventually stopped.

Brian called the cops, they came and arrested the Mini driver. Our law enforcement sources say the 35-year-old guy was twice the legal limit.

Megan and Brian were not hurt.


more info



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