Megan Fox talks how Brian got her interested, Family, Hollywood and more

16 Oct



I’m posting a few interviews below that I posted earlier on Tumblr check them out.

Megan says you gotta work for what you believe in plus she talks about how Brian got her interested

“The important thing is: girls shouldn’t be afraid of being a bitch,” she explained to German magazine Bravo.

“If you believe in something and want something, do it – fight for it, be brave. Regardless of what you’ll have to sacrifice to reach your goal. Don’t waste time worrying about the consequences.”

It’s this mentality that 28-year-old Megan adopts as journalist April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Bored of her entertainment writer job, her character chases hard-hitting news stories instead in the hope of making it as a real reporter.

Her co-star Will Arnett also had advice for young guys.

“Have self-confidence; believe that you are superheroes and put that across,” he offered, adding a tip for getting the girls: “Play it cool and don’t always be available.”

And it seems Megan’s husband followed this advice. She’s been married to Brian Austin Green since 2010 and they have sons Noah and Bodhi together.

“At the beginning, it seemed like he wasn’t that interested in me. But what he did show me of himself was enough to pique my interest. That trick really worked on me!” she grinned.


Megan and Will chat to Kiss FM

interesting interview

“but you haven’t proved to any of them you were right….yet”

Will kinda got Megan good at the end there

Interview from the German Red Carpet

Megan talks about getting the part as April and training for action scenes

Click the link below  the video should auto load Megan at 4.10 and and 5.35

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