Brian wanted to marry Megan after a Week + Megan talks about her sister and how fame effects her family

11 Oct

1412949267490_Image_galleryImage_SAN_DIEGO_CA_JULY_24_MegaTwo very interesting interviews, the bottom one is translated via Google translate

He felt it, I felt it. Within a week he was saying he was going to marry me


People insist on seeing me as a wild child, a bad girl, a naughty girl, and I don’t know why,’ says 28-year-old American actress Megan Fox, Hollywood movie star and purveyor of barely-there red-carpet dresses and eye-popping photo shoots.

‘Because my life is the exact opposite. People have a hard time looking at me, knowing that I accept my sexuality and then understanding that I’m not promiscuous – they just can’t put that idea together,’ she says.

‘But I’ve been with Brian for ten years.’

‘There was intense chemistry,’ Megan said of meeting husband Brian Austin Green

‘You are made to feel that if you embrace your sexuality, you are an idiot or an airhead, or you have to make yourself seem more masculine.

‘Why would we ever want to do that? Women are beautiful, but we’re also intelligent—and some of us are very strong.’


‘We were filming in New York in the hottest summer they’d had in 20 years and I was in a leather jacket and leather boots. It was so hot the fake paper snow was on fire.

‘I almost blacked out and people would be ripping my clothes off and putting ice packs on me,’ she recalls.

here she is working with Bay again. So has he forgiven her? All she will say on the subject is: ‘We were really good friends on this movie, he was on my team. We have a very special relationship now.’

Fox says her own independent feminism was honed by a challenging childhood in St Petersburg, Florida.

Her parents, Darlene and Franklin, divorced when she was a toddler and after her mother remarried her stepfather subjected her to a domestic regime so rigid she says it would ‘be considered emotionally abusive today’.

The teenage Fox was forbidden to have friends other than her sister Kristi, or to get her driving licence.

‘I was always in trouble because my stepfather tried to control me, so I didn’t have a normal childhood experience,’ she says, still clearly wrestling those childhood demons.

‘I would have been a much easier kid to deal with had my parents just allowed me a little freedom to discover who I was. But they didn’t, so I had to fight all the time.

‘That’s how people still perceive me as rebellious and wild. But it’s because I’m constantly having to fight against someone trying to control me and put me in a box.’

It is no surprise, hearing about the complexities of her early home life, that Fox has so enthusiastically embraced her new family.

Her relationship with Brian Austin Green was, she says, no accident. They met when Fox was just 18 and he was 30.

There was intense chemistry, an instant recognition,’ she says.

‘He felt it, I felt it. Within a week he was saying he was going to marry me. I’m sure we’ve lived many past lives together.’

‘Who actually built the pyramids, who built Chichen Itza [the ancient Mayan site in Mexico]?’ asks Fox. ‘Humans didn’t have the ability to create those sorts of empires at this time.’

Fox and Austin Green married four years ago.

‘I love our family – I have a little football team that’s going to take care of me,’ she laughs.

‘I like being around boys and being the centre of attention in my family because I’m the matriarch, the queen bee.

‘My husband is the sensitive type, he’s not macho. And I’m going to raise our boys like that: sensitive, sweet, chivalrous types,’ beams Fox.

Ambivalent about her job, she says she ‘loves acting’, but has a tough time dealing with fame, which she compares to being ‘dragged through the mud’ every week.

‘But I’m not complaining because the fame I got from Transformers allows me to do movies that I love, so it’s a double-edged sword.

‘I think the only people who chase fame are the ones who have a deep void within them that can’t be filled.

‘They try filling it with fame and we watch them spiral downwards, because it is just not the answer to anything.’

3,w=559,c=0.bildMegan talks about Her sister and how her fame effects Kassius + more

Translated via Google translate

MEGAN FOX: I was as a child “Turtles” fan. I can still remember that I was about five years old when I with my twelve years older sister – had “Turtles II The Secret of the Ooze” viewed. This is the kind of movies that I even look like to me. So if I can play in one of them – all the better!

Have you owned as a child and “Turtles” figures?

For merchandise we had no money, I had to apply even the clothes my sister. Today I bunkere tons of “Turtles” Toys for my two sons.
Enlarge Megan Fox Megan Fox (28) has Indian blood. She became famous by the first two “Transformers” films. Since 2010 she has modeled for Armani. She has two sons: Noah (2) and Bodhi (8 months)

Are you Noah Shannon (2) and Bodhi Ransom (8 months) show one day, like her mum saves the world in the film?

Clear! You are her mother finally consider great and for the coolest mom in the world! I love her guts and would like to have forever to me. If they are out of the house, I will ensure that they keep coming back: weekends, on holidays, on holiday. I can not cook, but I started to bake, so I can bring them into the cake later dormitory.

They have a 12-year-old stepson, Kassius. What does he think of your world savior skills?

For him, it is sometimes difficult, because I am a mother at home, he is in school but badgered with my celebrity status. As Kassius was eight, he was asked by a classmate: “Where is Megan Fox?” He replied: Whereupon the other child said, “No my Mum says she is at Shia LaBeouf!” – “At home.” which, incidentally, never was the case. Lunch Kassius was then completely broken home. It is anyway a rather introverted child who has no desire to be liked, because I live with him under one roof – instead of Shia LaBeouf!

You too should not have been popular as a child in the school.

No, unfortunately. When I was in sixth grade, we moved to Florida. At the new school, there were about 2,000 students, but found friends I have not. The older girls have even picked on me, pushed me into a corner and tried to pull my eyelashes, because they thought that would not be real.

Is it true that you have found yourself only by your children?

I was always a loner and never knew why I exist. Not even to my family – I am indeed never felt lost, but never really belong. This feeling I have for the first time really felt when my first son was born. Because I felt that I had a soul mate and am no longer alone in this world. This has revamped my entire life. How I love, how I feel – my heart has grown around a hundred times.

Today you will also often idolized.

Sure, and that’s nice – a bizarre way. Because for both valid yes: People do not know me. On what basis so their sympathy or antipathy based towards me? But of course I understand that it produces a peculiar form of intimacy, when you see people in movies.

In “Turtles” is also about the relationship between siblings. How is the relationship with your sister?

We understand today great. She lives in Los Angeles, very close to us. She herself has two guys who I love madly, and helps me with my babies. For me, my sister is more of a mother figure because she was always at home and raised me with, while our mother worked. But I must also say that we have two very different views of life and education. My sister is relatively strict, while more the type artist-hippie mother, I am well, that will send your kids a lot of freedom.




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