Megan Fox talks babies and a more meaningful existence for the young

6 Oct

Megan talks about having another baby + her wanting the young to have a more meaningful existence check out the interviews and video’s below. The pic above and at the bottom of the post I think might be from a German TV show Megan will be on.

Megan wants another baby

In recent past interviews it seemed like it might be a while off she said things like she had been pregnant for 2 years and wanted to give her body a break but in this interview she seems to have changed her tune a bit?

Maybe she is pregnant?

video of the photocall + Megan responds to a designer who said Megan’s style was erotic

Video/interview from the German Premiere

Video from the German premiere

Megan see’s a painting of herself and talks to the fans at about 24.30

Megan talks to fans at the screening 30.30

Megan wants the young to have a more meaningful existence

Berliner Morgenpost: Were you a fan of the Turtles as a child?

Megan Fox: I grew up with the Turtles, most of all I liked the movies. “The Secret of the Ooze” was my favorite.

Her character, the journalist April O’Neil, feels her job is not taken seriously because it is used only for entertainment contributions. You know the feeling?

I do not give much on the opinion of other people when it comes to my performance in front of the camera. That’s just my job. I never think: For this film, I deserved a prize. This is all totally subjective. Everyone should form his own opinion.

They have no problem with being always occupied only as the pretty woman?

Of course, it is helpful in the film industry, if you are attractive. It is a visual medium. I do not see why that should be a problem.

Did you have a little time to look at Berlin?

I wish we had time for sightseeing. Finally, we come in all these great cities. I was here once before in 2009, but I think for less than 24 hours. I have seen the hotel and the premiere cinema, then I was back on the plane. This time I’m with my baby there, so I will again do not have much time to go out.

On Saturday they were “Wetten, dass ..?” At How did you like it?

It was funny and strange. I did not really know what happened there. But that was because I had a button in the ear and to focus on the translation had. Therefore, it probably looked like I had not had a lot of fun.

Nobody believes April that the Turtles actually exist. Do you believe in things that are not logically explain?

I believe in everything what other people think is absurd. I believe in aliens. How else have originated as the pyramids? There are so many unanswered questions and I am very open-minded. I think anything is possible. Much of what we know today, which used to be absurd.

People should deal with such themes as so to look at photos of you on the internet anymore?

Definitely. I am committed to the “Make a Wish Foundation”. Once I met this one boy, whose greatest desire was to reach a certain number of followers in Instagram. I thought that was very frightening. This whole celebrity worship shows that the focus of many young people is on completely the wrong things. I just do not understand why people feel better when they are judged by people who do not know them, by putting them a “Like” button below her picture. I would like to change this setting. At least with the children, so they turn their attention to more important things.

So no smart phones for your kids?

My children will not even get an internet connection until they are at least 13 years old. Although this is difficult, but I will send them to a Montessori school, where smartphones are not allowed. So you will only have friends who also do not have smartphones and therefore miss anything. You will be happy, creative, happy little people. That is my goal.

The film is about heroes. When you have to be a mother in daily life a heroine?

I think all women who are mothers, are every day heroes, because it is such a big responsibility. If you get a child, you are never again the same as before, because you will be worried for the rest of his life every second. Furthermore, it physically and mentally doing well the children. There is no room for selfishness more. Of course there are also many fathers who sacrifice themselves as my husband Brian, but I think it’s a special experience to bring a child into the world. This is like something from another world and requires a lot of strength.

Megan explains why she was like a Robot on Wetten Dass

Megan Fox sat on the couch. But she did not say much. She was one of the star guests of the third penultimate broadcast of “Wetten, dass ..?” in Erfurt. Together with fellow actor Will Arnett introduced her “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, comes to German cinemas on 16 October.

A day later she sits in Berlin’s Soho House and speaks with about the shipment. “It was fun, it was bizarre,” says Fox, adding: “I had no idea what just happened.” For Markus Lanz has yet ready praise: “The facilitator was great.”

Fox and Arnett stayed contrast, very quiet. And they understood not what was happening on stage, as they tell. “I have concentrated on the interpreter in my ear me all the time,” says Fox the situation. Therefore, they would not have had so much of the show. “That’s why we see a robot, we are externally controlled,” Arnett adds. But he also expressed his satisfaction: “I had a lot of fun, it was a crazy experience and Markus Lanz has done a great job.”





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