Tons of Megan Fox Interviews from Australia

9 Sep


Megan and Will have been on a massive press tour in Australia to promote TMNT which comes out Sept 11th. Below I’ve added a bunch of interviews


KJShow Interview

Megan says her Kids gave her freedom, they helped me discover herself

and she speaks with an Australian accent

Today Show Interview

I missed the start Megan talked about what she watched as a child, she said it was scandalous that her family owned a TV and a Sister told her that her mother was going to hell for cutting her hair

Megan learning to be a peaceful Warrior

Interesting interview. Full interview below

“I was too explosive when I was young. I wouldn’t take direction from anyone, especially not from men, and especially not from men I thought didn’t respect women. I had all of these hang-ups that I needed to fight for, where I felt like I’m so against this misogynistic industry and I was at war all of the time with someone. Because I thought I was standing up for people who couldn’t speak for themselves, standing up for all of the women who have been used in Hollywood, and the casting couch, and this and that and the other things.

“I was going to carry the flag and ride on my horse and make it all better and life doesn’t work that way. I’m not a one-woman revolution and there are smarter ways to get things done, aside from just charging full speed ahead.”

She drops her voice a little and slows her speech to emphasise the point: “So now I’m learning to be a peaceful warrior and a much more educated and knowledgeable warrior.”

 Megan and Will not officially signed on for the sequel

“The only thing that’s tough about it is their childhood goes by so quickly, that every single day that you’re not with them seems like you’ve done something wrong and you regret it and feel guilty,”

“You’re like physically impaired; for the moment you’re just not capable of being able to do what you were able to do previously … you can’t allow yourself to do stuff because it could be dangerous or whatever,” she said.

Fox and her co-star Will Arnett revealed neither had been given confirmation on whether they would be cast in the next instalment of the TMNT films, which is slated for release in 2016.

“They could recast us,” Fox said. “There’s nothing official,” Arnett added.

Megan talks Mickey Rourke and filming Comedies

Again you show how excellent you are in action sequences during this film. However, your comic timing is apparent too. Would you like to do a full on comedy one day other than extended cameos (This is 40, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People)?

M.F. – It was great to be part of This is 40; the part was small, but it was a full blown comedy. I think so as I definitely love the levity on set. It is just nice to go to work and have fun with your cast-mates on a comedy, a unique experience.

Passion Play is one of your best performances ever. How was Mickey Rourke to work with as a romantic lead?

M.F. – Thank you, and he was wonderful. I loved Mickey so much; he was like a big teddy bear.

As Megan walked over for some final photos, she shook my hand and thanked me for the chat.

Full interview

2day FM interview

They talk about the lack of chemistry between Megan’s and Will’s character and just general TMNT stuff

video of part of the interview

full audio interview

‘Interview’ with Triple M

not really much of an interview more of a joke. Video of part of the interview

full audio interview here podcast 1060(55m in)

Megan says she cried leaving the kids behind to come to Australia

Sunrise Interview

April would take Mikey

ZM Interview

How well does Megan know her New Zealand celebrities?

Interview with the Edge NZ

Megan answers 5 questions really fast among other things

Interview with Nova

Green carpet interview




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