More Megan Fox at the Australian Ninja turtles Premiere

8 Sep


I’ve added a bunch more pics and some interviews from the Australian Premiere which took place in Sydney on Sunday Sept 7th

Box Office Update

TMNT has now taken $300m worldwide,more info here

The movie also took the number 1 spot in Australia this past weekend based on preview screenings alone. It took just over $2m see here for more info


Green Carpet Interview

This interview wants Megan’s life and husband lol

Paramount’s Wrap video

Megan talks TMNT

Video inside the screening

Interview with the Daily Telegraph

Fox told The Daily Telegraph she likes Australians for being so laid back.

“I love that you guys are big into surfing and that there is a kind of carefree culture here,” Fox said.

“It’s nice, because some parts of the States are really uptight.”

She has had two sons since then and said they may have a family holiday here next time.

“I almost considered it this time. The babies were jet-lagged from being in Korea, so I didn’t bring them but I was going to stay in Byron Bay actually,” Fox said.

“It feels like home. I started doing it when I was so young,” she said. “It’s nice to be back, it’s always a little surreal and bizarre but it’s fun.”

2 more interviews




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