Megan Fox talks Charity project, Latinos in Hollywood + More

18 Aug


TMNT is now at $185million worldwide and Megan’s worldwide interviews are still being released. We recently got interviews in Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean and German. I think the interview with Spanish outlet EFE is the most interesting.

Megan talks to EFE

Megan talks about an upcoming Charity project she is part of, the Latin influence on Hollywood and she says she plans to film TMNT next summer

“The reality is that Hollywood takes a few years to get upto to date. Same is happening with Hispanics as with women. Currently Hollywood is just beginning to understand that a woman can be the main figure in a movie, and it can be a superhero, like a man, “Fox said in an interview with Efe.

“I am very excited about our project, Charity Water, a bottled water to be sold for charity. The money raised by the bottles sold will be donated to open water wells in Africa. Want to launch the project later this year “he said.

Full interview here

Megan talks with Korean media

Talks TMNT and says she still likes Rain

Megan talks to Dep Vietnam,

its mostly repeated stuff from previous interviews, See the full interview at the link below

– Have you ever tried not feed a turtle?

– At home, it is not. But as to Hawaii, I often visit a sea turtle named Franklin. I can recognize Franklin left eye because it was covered with mud.

TV Movie interview

Mrs. Fox, how do you manage to stay so fit?

Megan Fox I waive carbohydrates. That means no bread, no pretzels, no chips. At first it was hard because my body was dependent on it. For sports I do not have much time.

In any case! whenever I meet people, they are surprised that I’m not stupid (laughs). It is not in its pre- mind that women who pose in bikini, also have something in the bulb.

My children have made me very spiritual. I’ve become too loose, leading me on camera no longer so apprehensive,. If you have pushed out two babies, makes one fear nothing more (laughs).

If you want to actually have more children? Do you struggle with prejudice? You are mother. Have you changed?

I love to be pregnant and to bring babies into the world. Being a mother is hectic and chaotic, but I firmly believe that it is my job in this life.

The name of your second son Bodhi is borrowed from Buddhism. They belong to this religion?

No, I am a Christian education. But I believe in reincarnation. My soul is not here for the first time and there’s a reason why I had to come back.

And that would be?

I believe that I was ever very famous in a previous life, but I could not handle it.

What would you be in your next life like?

A unicorn. I believe that it corresponds to my personality the most. My second choice would be a dolphin.




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