Video: Megan Fox plays Mortal Kombat + TMNT update and more

9 Aug


TMNT is exceeding expectations and is now estimated to take $58-61m for the weekend which is great news, make sure you check it out this weekend, check release dates for your country here. more box office info here

Megan Plays Mortal Kombat VS Josh from MTV

the original link is below but its region locked if it doesn’t work try the youtube vid. I added some better quality screen caps at the bottom of the post

Megan says Brian is Leonardo

New radio interview

Interview with Just Jared

“[Viewers will] get to follow a female character that is also the hero of the movie,” she said of her role as April. “I think that we’re in this whole sort of movement where young girls can understand that not only is it okay to be strong, it’s wonderful to be strong. And that doesn’t mean you’re bossy, it doesn’t mean you’re a b—-, you’re not a nag because you want to be in charge.”

Megan continued to list off her character’s admirable qualities saying that she’s “ambitious,” “courageous,” and “very interested in exposing that she’s been fighting for the truth.”


Megan explains why she posted a makeup free selfie on Instagram




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