Ninja Turtles Hits Theaters + More Megan Fox Interviews

8 Aug


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is officially out in certain countries, including the US check release date for your country here

below I’ve added a bunch of interviews there are some pics at the bottom

Megan talks about Noah and Bodhi

Talking about what Noah does with Bodhi

“Half the time he is [excited], he wants to stroke his head and help feed him — then the other half of the time he tries to smother him,”

“He’s good most of the time, but then every once in a while, when we’re not looking and we hear the baby cry, we realize he’s thrown a toy at his face,”

“There’s not a whole lot of bonding going on, but they took their first nap together today! They were sleeping in the same position,”

Interview from the Second Junket

Will Megan come with Will to Australia?

Which turtle is Megan? she takes a turtle quiz

What animal would Megan want to be

Megan plays a Game

Interview with IGN

Megan talks TMNT and Fathom

Paramount video from the Mexican Premiere

has some behind the scenes footage

Megan talks about her vision for the April character

Megan and Will on the Red carpet in New York

With an interview

Megan talks ghosts, bigfoot and aliens

Nerdist interview on Youtube

Another interview with USA Today

Megan talks about her childhood as a TMNT fan

Fox interviews Fox

Megan danced when she got part






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