More Megan Fox in Mexico, video and text Interviews + Pics

31 Jul


Megan has headed back to LA but we are still getting more content from Mexico. Below are a series of Video’s, text interviews and pics from Mexico. All translations via Google translate

Megan talks about being a fan of JLaw + more

Interview with ActitudFEM

Video: Megan chats with Los40

more Megan Quotes

Small quotes from a series of Interviews here

Megan talks family and acting

see the interview here

Megan talks Fame, beauty, family

see the interview here

Interview on Mexican radio

A Mexican radio station just played their short interview with Megan. In it Megan spoke a bit about what its like to be so famous at a young age, she said having the worlds eyes on you, having people express their ideas of who you are before you know who you are is tough and thats why so many turn to escapism

She also said she doesn’t like fame and has never been really ambitious

Megan wanted to see the Pyramids but couldn’t

see the interview here



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