Video: Megan Fox “I’m meant to be doing both”(motherhood and work)

30 Jul

An interesting interview was just released from Mexico via EL Universal TV. In this interview Megan talks about her personal need to do things for herself(work) along side motherhood and that it’s not just for the kids as she hinted in he past

Check out the interview here

Another short Interview

“The way(motherhood) changed my way of choosing projects is looking at more  superhero type movies, because I know that my children can see them and they will like them. I think that if I do period films or even westerns they won’t like them as much. But if your mom is April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character) I think it will be great for them, “Fox said in an interview.

“I know some people do not value me as an artist but do not respond emotionally to that. What does bother me is that people think I’m stupid when I’m not. “

Megan does not show too much skin in the film produced by Michael Bay, but accepted that had no problems, nor will now have the mother of two children, in a sensual scenes.

I do not think bowling makes you less sexy scenes, actors and we have to deal with that. There are many guys who do, Chris Hemsworth “Thor” T-shirt in movies is removed because the public wants to see, “said the actress





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