Pics: Megan Fox is in Mexico

29 Jul

Megan is in Mexico to promote the TMNTMovie, she arrived yesterday and will be staying until Wednesday, you can see a pic of that below. Above is a pic of her doing an interview. Also below is an interview that was just released. It was translated via Google Translate


Asked if her beauty hindered her Career
I would not say that hinders rather think that what I do as an actress means I’m always open to criticism not one to say that the opinion of the people is wrong, it is not something objective,. You have the right to judge my performance as you want. so I’m not sad if someone thinks I did wrong, or if you think I did wrong.

It can not be that everyone thinks the same, it would be very strange to know that everyone thought that what I did was amazing. There are only Daniel Day Lewis is one of the only ones.‘s That there are few people who receive unanimous approval when making a action, so that’s not something that hurt me. “

“This is the kind of movie I like to see. Always just down action movies. And I think Planet of the Apesis amazing and get very excited when I go to the cinema to see Batman or Spiderman when they leave.’s Why joy therefore be part of them, because I’m a fan. “


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