Megan Fox talks pregnancy, family and TMNT at Comic Con

25 Jul



Above you can see a pic from a shoot with EW that Megan and Will did, below are a series of Interviews make sure to check them all out. If you are interested in Pics from the day see my post here for interviews see here and here

Interview with EW

“Why the fifth turtle left”

Megan talks to ET Canada

Megan gets a gift on the red carpet and talks TMNT

Interview with ScreenSlam

More about TMNT and April

Interview with Fandango

Megan would of done anything to be in TMNT

HD red carpet plus short interview at 1.25

Interview with Collider

Megan and Will chat with Collider. Megan talks about her character and more

Video of the Comic Con panel

You can see Megan talking about being a TMNT fan as a kid + more

Interview with E

Megan reveals losing weight after her second pregnancy was harder than the first, she also says she gave up Bread and is on a high protein low carb diet

AP Entertainment Interview

Megan talks about seeing herself in the clips shown and she talks about Noah’s reaction to the April Doll


Video: Megan talks to a fan on Skype

and more with the Insider

The Insider’s Bit on Megan

another video from the Insider

Article from People magazine

Megan thinks she can find Bigfoot  Full Article, it takes quotes from other interviews

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