Megan Fox at Comic Con Videos, Interviews and Recaps

25 Jul



Megan was just at San Diego Comic Con and as you might imagine there is a lot of content and lots more to come. So I have decided to break it up into smaller posts. In this post I will post videos, Interviews and recaps from the day. If you want to see more pics check my post here or keep an eye on my Tumblr

First video interview from Comic Con. She talks about TMNT and her character April

Megan Fox talks being a loner

she also reveals

On the topic of Ninja Turtles, Fox revealed that April, her character, is “closely tied in a familial way” with the turtles in the live-action movie, and has a “special relationship” with turtle Michelangelo.  (“Mikey” was always her favorite, she says.)

see the video in the link below

Interview with Megan and Will

Part of an Interview

Megan Fox talking about Ninja Turtles in #SDCC #NinjaTurtles #PresenciaGamerStyle

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Videos of Megan at the TMNT Panel


Screencrush’s thoughts on the TMNT Comic Con panel

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