Megan Fox talks motherhood “It makes me feel that I have more strength”

14 Jul

Megan did an interview with a Spanish media outlet. It looks like Friends with kids was just released in Spain this month.

Check out the interview via Google translate

“I’ve always wanted children, for me it was important to find the right time.”  ” Having children has changed me completely . I feel like I’m living in a totally different body; my hair is different, my skin too, my body responds differently to food and exercise, but I feel much healthier now. It makes me feel that I have more strength. I am very happy to have my two children. “

 “My children are the only thing that I think most of the time have always been bohemian spirit and hippie and have had my children has magnified this much because I am aware of this connection and I am responsible for that soul who chose me to be his mother. My goal is to try to guide my children to discover their own way, they discover what they want to be and what they need, I know how to get the best version of themselves. Becoming a mother has taught me to be selfless with my stuff, my life and my time. It has made reconsider my career because I want to spend all the time at home and can only accept projects that fit my lifestyle. While I can take my kids to work, the sets are not the best place to raise your children. “

The danger of social networking

   ” Many things are happening in the networks with teens and children. There is so much hatred and resentment on all sides, not only against celebrities. I feel that the youth being apathetic and if I could influence them in some way, I would like to show some spirituality. I know it sounds ridiculous coming from me, but I would like help to understand the morality of things in a pragmatic manner and not boring. When we think of religion or spirituality normally associate with something restrictive and is not. I would like to be seen as something that leads to incredible kindness and love. Spiritual Being someone can open many doors. As we continue feeding hate, resentment, profanity and gossip continue hurting others as much as ourselves. “

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