New Megan Fox candids + more

2 Jul Check out the new candids of Megan carrying a stroller, These pics were taken July 2nd in Cali, Megan was with a friend*.  Ignore the text on the pic below its not mine.

*update* I’ve added more pics, the pic of Brian is apparently from July 1st, It looks like Megan, Brian and His mother and Sister are there together either checking out the new house or they are at the house of either Brian’s sister or mother

Source E! Just jared and National Photo Group

Megan vs Pedestrians I posted this small story on Tumblr earlier

Megan says she was yelled at for “hindering their commute” while she shot Michael Bay’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” “It’s like, we’re working, too,” Fox lamented on the Paramount film’s set. “We’re making a movie right now. You’re in it. Go see yourself in August. You’re a pleasure.”

More from Cosmo
This was also posted earlier on Tumblr
On someone she finds sexy: “I think Ellen [DeGeneres] is sexy. Maybe it’s the way she gives off the impression that she’s anti-‘the business’ even though she’s engaging in it. And humor is always sexy.”
On reading Cosmo: “I remember I used to think it was a big deal, when I was like 15, 16, and I knew that Cosmo was something my mom probably didn’t want me to read, and so it was exciting to get a hold of it because you felt like you were getting a glimpse behind what it was to be a woman; they’re letting you in on womanly secrets.”
On women being in charge of their sexuality: “Women don’t have to be desperate and try so hard. Allow yourself to be strong and powerful and men will be crawling on their hands and knees.   ~Deon

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