Megan Fox + TMNT news/pics

6 Jun


This post is mostly a compilation of recent smaller news items/pics. follow me on Tumblr or Twitter to get these more quickly

The pic above is ‘new’ but was taken last June at a TMNT party more info here

This pic I posted on Tumblr a while back, it was taken at a bowling alley last year more info here



Better version of a previous pic, the pic is from a book about the history of the TMNT

more info and pics of the Turtles, Shredder, Splinter here


The above pic is of Megan’s body double on the set of the ‘unreleased’ Armani Ad you can see the video here

Interesting that years after it was filmed we get bits of info about it.

Source starrieskybooks on Instagram


Ninja Turtles News

There is a TV spot running in the US that features a better look at shredder(no New Megan Footage). Check it out below, it is low quality though


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (trailer #3) Classified

It has a run time of 59seconds with a PG classification, hopefully it will have some new Megan footage and dialogue Source


looks like they are Promoting TMNT at the X-games more info here





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