Megan Talks to Marie Claire, TMNT trailer ~13million views in~24hours +more

28 Mar

Check out this Short Interview with Megan From Marie Claire April, more stories below



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer gets ~13million views on YouTube in ~24hours

That seems pretty good? On the subject of TMNT ComingSoon got an interview with one of the movies writers, he talks about Megan and her character. In the link below you can check out the full interview in which he talks about a bunch of other stuff related to the movie

Q: What makes Megan Fox the right person to play April?
Nemec: She just brought a great energy to playing that character. The traditional April that we all know is a girl who is out to prove something. She’s out to make her bones. She’s living in the real world and fighting to get on top. Megan really brought that to playing the character. She does a really terrific job in the movie. She’s a terrific April O’Neil.

Q: What about the familiar non-Turtles like April O’Neil and the Shredder?
Nemec: I think that the April you’re going to see is largely the April you know.

Q: Does she wear a yellow suit?
Nemec: Perhaps she does! Perhaps she does! Perhaps she doesn’t. I don’t know. There’s certainly a yellow jacket in the trailer. We always wanted to be true to who the characters were in the most boiled down version within the canon. Again, we weren’t slavish to the canon. There are just certain elements that make up who the turtles are. I think you’ll be pleased with the April that you see. The Shredder that you see… I think you’ll be pleased as well. He’s definitely interesting, but he’s not a guy with cheese graters on his arms. That is for sure.





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