Megan Fox interviewed by Cosmopolitan Argentina 2014

22 Jan

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Megan very recently did an interview with Cosmopolitan Style Argentina in it she talks about Avon Instinct, beauty, fashion, makes small mention of the upcoming birth of her second child and mentions she will take part in TMNT promotion. I did my best using Google translate and to translate the Spanish interview into English.

Possessing an explosive and mysterious beauty, this actress who is 27 years of age gained worldwide fame in 2007 after the movie transformers is the new ambassador for Avon fragrance, Instinct. In an intimate talk with Cosmo, we found that her reputation for being a bad and naughty girl, sex Icon does not alter at all her private life and its fresh spirit. Megan is cute, yes, a bomb!, But she is a simple and spontaneous person, and the only romance that she …. knows is what she keeps with her husband and father of her children, actor Brian Austin Green, who shares her life for ten years. This article will tell you more about this goddess who never goes unnoticed.

You are the face of Instinct, the new fragrance from Avon. What do you think about this perfume?
Megan: I think it is a very seductive sexy fragrance. Its not overwhelming, like when you go to a perfumery and smell perfume until you find the one you like. It is a feminine fragrance very easy to wear  and I think women who smell them will be fascinated
You feel recharged with its essence.

Under what circumstances would you follow your instincts?

Megan When I was young I did every moment of each day. But now I’m older and I have children, I try to use my head and not my heart always, and try to be more aware of my decisions, but the truth is that throughout my life I was very impulsive and I acted instinctively.

You’re always amazing and stylish, how can you decide what you’re going to wear?

Megan : when I have gala events, releases or presentations, I have a group of stylists that deals with my looks, and I put myself in their hands because fashion really is not my thing. In my personal life I’m very casual, I was always, especially now that I am a mother.

What do you choose when you want to feel really seductive?
Megan: If In Winter I adore sexy boots. I have several new pairs and I like brand new one on each romantic date with my husband.

Could you tell us what are your wardrobe essentials?

Megan :A gray V-neck shirt and a black dress.

And your beauty essentials?
Megan: As for my essential beauty, use sunscreen all the time and everywhere. It is a priority for me. Nor do I moisturizers and cleansers are missing.

How to care for your skin? Own a strict beauty routine?
Megan: Whenever I’m making a film I’m very obsessive about taking off my makeup. I bring my own cream with me that does not dry the skin. And in my daily life I clean my face every morning and every night I remove makeup and use moisturizing creams.

What was the best beauty advice you received?
Megan: Once I got an interesting skin tip. Is to apply a grape seed oil sold in the dietary, which is very moisturizing and has incredible antioxidant power. Also not expensive and everyone can have access to it.

You have divine hair, what are your secrets to keep it shiny and without frizz?

Megan: My hair is very fine, so I use moisturizing and nourishing formulas. I try to avoid styling products that contain alcohol because it dries. But I think the important thing is to find a good shampoo and a good conditioner to leave the hair daily fine. Also try to make the least harm: choose less aggressive option, I avoid dyes and hot tools.

Which celebrity inspires you?

Megan: I think Sofia Vergara is extremely beautiful, she has an enviable body.

What is the best advice you can give to the readers of Cosmo about fashion or beauty?
Megan: That they pay close attention to the ingredients of cosmetic products they buy, because sometimes we can be using something that could be doing harm. Moisturize your skin never use products with alcohol on the face and use plenty of sunscreen!

What plans do you have for this year?
My big project will be the birth of my baby. Besides that, I’ll be promoting a movie and I will continue to represent Avon Instinct.

Do you ever visit Argentina? Would you like to visit our country?

Megan: No, I’ve never been, but I love it. I’m sure it’s an incredibly beautiful place, and would enjoy a lot there, but I did not get a chance to go.

“I’m very proud of this perfume and even more of the hard work behind Instinct. I am also excited to be part of the Avon family that plays a fundamental role in the lives of women worldwide. I Hope this fragrance is the impetus for all to feel safe, beautiful and sexy




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