Brian Talks more about Megan, Pregnancy and Charity

9 Sep

Below Is a short interview Brian did at the Night of Generosity Charity event held on September 6th

You’re here solo tonight! 

I am here solo! Megan [Fox] is obviously very pregnant and she wasn’t feeling well tonight. I know how badly she wishes she could be here, but we’re expecting a child and I can’t really imagine how that makes your body feel. But I am here instead!

Is pregnancy wearing on you at all?

We are both just so excited to welcome this baby into our lives. We can’t wait.

How did you get involved with Generosity Water?

When I first met Jordan [Wagner] two years ago he was telling me about Generosity Water and showed me some stuff that really shook me. He explained to me what it was he did. I always knew that water shortage was a globally wide issue, but I never really knew how much of an issue it was. I didn’t know that an average of 10,000 people day die from water related illnesses. I use clean water every day to wash my dishes and take care of my kids. Then he told me that water actually kills more people than AIDS and war combined, which was astounding. So here we are. This is the Night of Generosity. This is a night where we can change lives. I plan on changing lives however I can and we should all give what we can because you can actually see where it’s going. If all of this doesn’t bring tear to your eyes you’ve had too much to drink.




New Pic from an old shoot

Thanks Christine




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