August 2013 Megan Fox Interview “family is definitely my priority”

14 Aug

Check out the new interview Megan just did, the interview is in Spanish I have used Google translate to translate it.

Yeah, I’ll have a baby,” he says smiling Fox interview. “When I have, I’ll see what’s next for me professionally. But the family is definitely my priority. Most important thing.”

“I think I’m doing okay motherhood,” says the 27-year-old “but you’d have to ask my husband.”

“The most brilliant of being a mother is seeing this person who gave you life, grow, change, become someone great.”

“I would love to do a film with Guillermo del Toro. Has a very intense film, there is much darkness in his films. I like.’s Very talented.”

“As with all things in life, fame is both good and bad. I can only be grateful for being where I am.

“What is certain is that fame carries a gossip type of journalism that is comparable to bullying. And that’s unfortunate,”

Asked about coping with pressure of fame

“I am a Christian.’s Not complicated to be and become part of Hollywood.

“Everything depends on the strength of your beliefs. I know no one and nothing will change my faith or the things in which I believe,”

Asked About TMNT

“It was great to Ninja Turtles. I liked playing a girl who is making his way and wants to become a good journalist. Was fun, never done anything like this,” he said Megan.



Sneak peek at New Photo Shoot


I’m not 100% sure who/what its for but it looks like another shoot for Avon, that looks like a perfume bottle in her hand
According to the person the shoot was just done, it wasn’t done at the same time as the other Avon shoot


Teen Choice Awards

Megan didn’t attend and she didn’t win the award she was nominated for, thank you to everyone that voted and/or spread the word.




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