New Megan Fox Pics and News plus TMNT news

3 Aug

All of the below stories/pics I posted earlier on Tumlbr and Twitter follow me or keep an eye on the Twitter timeline on the right side of the page if you want these smaller news items more quickly

Megan Fox for Avon Instinct

I added this pic to the last post but If you missed it here it is again and I am reposting a taggless Avon pic. Click for full size



New Fanpics

Some pics from the TMNT set and a pic from 2008, one of the girls in the TMNT set pic said Megan wraps filming today


Will Arnett talks about Megan’s character and TMNT

“He’s a character who’s in the comic and in the Turtles mythology,” Arnett said. “He’s sort of a lesser character. He’s a cameraman who in the comics has a more adversarial relationship with April O’Neil, Megan Fox’s character, but for our purposes, Vernon is still a cameraman who’s helping April, works with her. He’s her cameraman and he’s kind of a solo artist. He does his own thing and as April starts to try to figure out who these vigilantes are, who these turtles are and gets involved in the story, she recruits Vernon.”

He’s reluctant at first,” Arnett continued. “He just wants to get his paycheck and do the easy job and eventually he comes through and starts helping her and goes along for the ride in helping the turtles vanquish the Shredder.”

full interview

If you are interested here are 2 more Will interviews he talks a bit more about TMNT


Video Interview; TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman on TMNT 2014

“its gonna be a fantastic, true to the origins turtles story”

Skip to about 4mins, Kevin Eastman talks about TMNT 2014 explaining that there have been variations in the Turtles story from very early on it will be the same with TMNT 2014 but TMNT 2014 will be true to origins of the Turtles




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