New Megan Fox fanpics + win a trip to the Teen Choice awards

13 Jul

Below I’ve added a few fanpics taken with Megan. From Left to right. The First pic was taken with producer Scott Lynch while they were working on the 2012 Oscars promo. The next pic was taken on the TMNT set in New York and was posted on June 25. The next was taken on the set of CBS’s The Early Show in 2009 the last was taken ouside of Jimmy Kimmel live 2009

I posted these pics on Twitter and Tumblr  earlier. If you are interested in these small stories and pics follow me or keep an eye on the Twitter feed on the right side of this site


Win a trip to the Teen Choice awards

These giveaways have nothing to do with me or this site they were posted on the Teen Choice awards Facebook. Megan might be at the show




Weird story about Megan on Two and a half men

Some small Spanish sites have been running stories saying Megan might return to the show others are saying she will return its confusing and they don’t seem reliable




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