Megan Fox and the Family at LAX July 7th plus more

8 Jul

Megan, Brian and Noah were spotted departing LA on July 7th probably heading back to New York to continue shooting TMNT. Megan kinda covered her face but unlike the pics from July 4th its was half hearted. More stories below

edit. Its confirmed they went to New York, pics as they come in

pics: Dailymail, splashnews,,


Interview with Megan’s TMNT body Double

The following quotes were translated using Google translate

“It was a delight to work along with Megan Fox. Is humble takes care those around and works very hard”
“My collaboration with Megan Fox was fun while experience,”
“Her family was on set so I was able to discover the son. Lovable is she an incredible mother and person.”
Indeed, the two had a chance to make some company and outside shooting, as this was possible due to time constraints. Besides all the above, however, Maria featuring Megan-which for 10 months grows a tad with Brian Austin Green-, super mom!
Her family, however, was very supportive and stood by her side throughout the filming. Moreover for them, she was the star.



Megan not in Adrian filming Transformers

A few Megan fansites were trolled by this story, unfortunately peoples tweets were clearly jokes and there are pics proving Megan was still in New York. See my post here if you want to know more




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