Paramount tags Transformers 4 picture with #MeganFox mistake? or?

9 Jun


*Update* Paramount removed the instagram post

The official Paramount Pictures Instagram posted a picture today of one of the cars that will be in Transformers 4, that alone is not too interesting for Megan Fox fans but what is interesting is that they tagged the picture with #MeganFox. What does this mean? is it a mistake? will she be in the movie? The same pic was posted on Paramounts other social media like Twitter and Facebook without the Megan Fox tag. A previous Transformers 4 pic on that Instagram has no Megan Fox tag so I don’t think its something they just do for more views.

For those wondering if it really is the official Instagram this is their Official site it has a link to that Instagram

Here is a link to the post in question

At this stage I think its just a mistake but who knows. It should be noted that Bay has previously denied Megan will be in the movie


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