More Pics of Megan Fox and BAG at Carnaval

11 Feb


Check out the pics, not much else to say. Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro had some nice words to say about Megan and Brian. He said they were very nice and genuinely interested in the Carnaval

I also added more from Megan’s press conference at the bottom of this post

More from Megan Fox’s Brazilian interview

Google translation

Megan talking about her costume she will wear.

“I’m a hippie bohemian chic. I like fun costumes. Never came to Carnival and the most we know is because of the animation Rio (film Carlos Saldanha), “said Fox,


the day before, watched presentations of capoeira and samba in Sao Paulo, in the community of Heliopolis, Sao Paulo. “Children have an energy power out of the ordinary, it’s rare to see anywhere else. Amazing, “she said, who tried some samba steps, without much success. “You have here the Dancing with the Stars (Dancing with the stars)? I’d love to do, “joked the actress, who revealed a desire, at least unusual:” I wish it was Brazilian and had the Brazilian butt. “


When the matter came gastronomy, beautiful proved a barbecue enthusiast. “There’s a Brazilian steakhouse in Los Angeles that I frequent. I love caster, I think as much meat going all the time. My husband and I love it. But my favorite dish that ball is stuffed with cheese, but it has yet to meet the typical dishes and popular, “said Fox, whose sole diet is to stay away from dairy products (” They inject hormones in cows’) and very sugar. Have you learned some words in Portuguese? “You know when you pick up the phone and say ‘hi’? It’s the only thing I know how to speak. Portuguese is beautiful, but it is a very difficult language to learn. “


“I’ll stay until I agreed endure even one hour because I have to go out and feed the baby. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. “ And what’s your favorite drink? “Water. I know it’s kind of grimace, but I have to be hydrated, “said the beautiful, trying to disguise saying shortly after taking beer one time or another.



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