Cosmopolitan names Megan Fox a beauty icon to watch in 2013 plus more

6 Jan


Megan Fox was just named one of Cosmo’s New Beauty Icons, I have pasted the article below, you can check it out here.

We’re still in super-loyal to the beauty icons of the past decade (or two)—sultry sirens like Angelina, Charlize, Halle and J.Lo. But it’s a new year, a new day, and it’s time to embrace a new crop of up-and-coming beauty icons! From Kate Upton to Kat Graham, these irresistible It-girls are the ones to watch in 2013.

The This is 40 star is no longer quite the ingénue, but we’re so mesmerized by her feline emerald eyes, curtain of cocoa-colored strands, and porcelain skin, that we had to include her! Besides, the chick snagged David Silver. If that’s not sexy, we don’t know what is.

This is 40 Box Office update

This is 40 takes $3.6m on Sat, $2.2m on Sun, $54.4m total. Source

I was just looking at the numbers for ‘Family man’ one of the movies Universal compared This is 40 to.

This is 40 is about $2m behind at this stage, Family man took $75.8m in the US so This is 40 should at least get close to $70m. Source

More stories about Megan going to Brazil

The rumours are getting stronger and more reliable but I’m not prepared to call it confirmed yet. New articles are saying Megan has already filmed an Ad for a Beer company and will be in Brazil sometime Between Feb 9-12 for 2 days, staying in a cabin sponsored by the beer brand


Megan On twitter

Megan is still posting on Twitter, her twitter is




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