Megan Fox IndieWire interview

11 Dec

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Last year’s Jennifer Westfeldt comedy “Friends with Kids” showed a comedic pitch from actress Megan Fox only hinted at, if at all, in her previous films, and so “This is 40” proves a natural progression for the actress toward increasingly familiar waters. Naturally with the territory though, this meant her improv skills had to be put on full display. “From the first audition that I went through — it was Judd, Leslie, and Paul — and I went in with my sides, and we did that once,” Fox said. “Then, Judd said, ‘Okay, so Paul, you come into the store [where Fox’s character Desi works] and you have an awkward conversation’ that I was not prepared for at all. So I was scared shitless then, but I got over it from that point.” She also recalled one scene, where her character Desi drives Debbie home from a nightclub at 3am, that she faced pure terror regarding the script instead. “It was one of those days — I don’t know if you’ve had one of these — where I memorized the wrong scene, so I didn’t know my dialogue at all. I was so scared, and I did all these crazy things in the scene which I think maybe worked.”

Luckily, Fox’s scene in the finished film also marks one of the most memorable, so it’s a testament to her performance that she was able to pull it off

Brian Austin Green talks about the Wife and kids

Brian did another interview with Australian media to promote his new show The Wedding Band, he spoke about Megan and the kids.
On Noah and being a father again

“I require a lot more sleep than I did back then,” Green says.

“Our son is doing great. He’s such a huge addition to our life. He’s amazing and we’re so blessed and so happy.”
On Megan’s appearance on the Wedding Band

“It’s a bit unnerving to be on set with somebody that you spend all your time at home with,” he says. “It’s a perfect scenario for two people to butt heads (but) it went really smooth, we had a really good time, and she kicked ass for us.”
On family
“I’m in love with my wife and we’re building a family,” he says. “It’s great.”

Read more here
Here is another little piece Brian did with




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