Megan Fox Interview: talks about Co-stars and motherhood

9 Dec

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“I loved him(Chris O’dowd) in Bridesmaids and in Girls and can’t wait to see more of what his mad mind comes up with.

“He and Jason Segal just cracked me up all the time we were working on this movie.”

She says: “Being a mother changes your perspective in so many ways. It’s weird. Suddenly you start seeing everybody as somebody’s baby and every woman as somebody’s mother.

“I will definitely be more cautious when it comes to choosing roles, because I’m already thinking about when he’s at school and his friends are going to be showing him my GQ photo shoots with the water hose and the bikini!

“And he’s going to be horrified. So I think that will deter me from making some of those same choices again!”

It’s all baby talk today and Megan happily shows me pictures of her little son on her phone.

He’s been christened Noah Shannon and Megan tells me she chose the second name in honour of her Irish roots and because she thinks it’s a popular boys’ name in Ireland.

It’s clear that the sexpot image Fox enjoys professionally is a front for work and that she lives a very sedate, monogamous non-Hollywood clichéd life — and that’s just the way she likes it.

She says: “Ageing in general is scary for all women and it’s especially scary for actresses, because in this industry they don’t hold their value. I’m 26 and the time is already ticking.

“I’ve only got a few years left, so it’s scary. I’m thankful for having the marriage that I have and having a best friend and partner because that makes me feel safe and comforted knowing that he’s going to grow old with me and love me, no matter what. He’ll value me, no matter how old I get — plus he’s 13 years older than me, so I’ll always be a trophy wife.”

Becoming a mother has also made Megan even more domesticated.

She confesses: “Having an infant is difficult. I completely overestimated my abilities. I had no idea how difficult babies are when you are totally exhausted. I love it and it’s what I wanted to do since I was a little girl myself. So I’m really happy, but exhausted.”

Despite the fabled extra ten pounds she claims to be carrying, Megan says she has been too sore and tired to work out.

And she has been eating a lot of sugar since giving birth — a far cry from the extreme vegan diet and masochistic work-out routines she followed for years. She reveals: “I can’t really work out because my body is just too tired. I gained about 23 pounds during the pregnancy and I think I’ve held on to a lot of it. I’m still ten pounds heavier than I was before.

“But hey, I just housed a whole human being, so I think I look in great shape considering.”

“I am so in love with my baby and I just don’t want to be away from him. I don’t want to be at the gym. I want to be at home and I don’t want to diet.

“After he was born, I had the most incredible sweet tooth and I was eating entire lemon meringue pies.

“I just couldn’t stop eating sugar for about two weeks.

“That’s not going to help you to lose weight, is it?”






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