Megan Fox says she is loving Motherhood @ This is 40 press conference

30 Nov

A reporter at the This is 40 press conference has revealed Megan spoke about Motherhood, revealing that she is loving it, we should be getting the full interviews from that day soon, hopefully she says a lot more on the matter. Stay tuned for that

In the mean time enjoy some pics, thanks to Andie. more pics here


The reporter confirmed to me Megan spoke during an interview about being a mother it wasn’t a personal convo, hope she says more about it.

Also adding some smaller stories below


edit 2 no Tag HQ Pics

Judd Apatow and Ian Laperrière Talk Megan Fox

Judd has some nice things to say about Megan, if you can’t hear it the person talking to Judd says I’ve never seen Megan Fox as good…she is amazing then Judd responds.


Heads up there are slight spoilers from the 36second mark to the end


More Megan and Brian taking Noah for a checkup

Been looking at these pics from Nov 27th for a while and decided I might as well upload them, the quality isn’t great though but some may enjoy.




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