Video: Full ‘This is 40’ Q&A from The Writers Guild Theater Nov 19th

26 Nov

Check out the full This is 40′ Q&A from The Writers Guild Theater Nov 19th, it features Megan Fox, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Albert Brooks and more


Edit added Rough Transcript of the Megan related parts below



New stuff that wasn’t in the first video.

20:30 Judd:  Says 3-4 months before they began to shoot they had rehearsals he then talks about Megan’s Saturday night live performance, he says she was really funny and they had a sense that there was something really great they could do with Megan.

He says they didn’t know Megan at all and they wanted to get to know her, Judd says improv is also a good way to get to know how her mind works then he says that Megan got into the area of Sextrology during improv

Audience laughs

21:00 Albert Brooks: if Megan was a little bit uglier she’d be a comedy star

Audience laughs

then Albert  apologizes to Megan saying  Sorry but I had to.

21:10 Judd: Megan told us about curse ‘s were you take a piece of a cloth from a dead man

21:16 Leslie: Egg

21:17 Judd: an Egg

21:15 Megan says something about Eggs I think she says Egg Cleanses then she continues the joke with the audience saying somebody here knows about that? Yea? No? You know you just won’t admit it

Audience laughs

27:50 woman in the Audience says her dad is a fan of Megan and asks if he can get a picture with her

Megan nods


If you want to see the transcript from the first video I posted its here




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