Video, Megan Fox “This Is 40” Q & A at the Writer’s Guild

24 Nov

Check out the Video of the This is 40 Q&A




rough transcript
Host: Megan you were hilarious you were really funny.

Crowd cheers

Host: says this is a change for Megan, Megan has been involved in some huge movies(transformers) then he makes a joke saying did they film some scenes with green screens to make you comfortable

Crowd laughs

Host: says this character seems very real, did you get that from someone you know? how did you make her seem real

Megan: we did improv sessions, a lot of the scenes were born from that. I went on astrology rant in all the sessions because I’m really into that. Its the oldest science that’s ever existed

Albert Brooks makes a joke, I think he says I’m a Cancer. (hitting on Megan)
crowd laughs.

Megan: That became a part of Desi, its part of my personality. Its organic because Judd rewrites the scenes as you are going, you can’t be fake because you are spitting it out instantly

host: asks about the feeling the boob scene was it in the script. Makes jokes

Leslie: that was scripted right?

Judd: I’m trying to remember

Megan: I don’t think the touching the boobs was scripted, she noticed the boobs, it was one of those things you(Judd) called out to do.

Albert: it was originally my boobs

Megan: Leslie was really protective of me during filming, I appreciate that. She was worried for me

Leslie : Dirty Judd

Host: creepy Judd imitation

Judd: Talks about a similar scene from 40 year old virgin and how he was embarrassed and trying to be sensitive but the actress was comfortable

The end




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