Brian Austin Green Interviews,Talks Megan Fox and Family

12 Nov


A few More Brian Austin Green interviews that I haven’t posted yet. Check out the Megan or family related excerpts.


Zap2it Interview

Brian is asked about working with Megan

“I never wanted to make an episode where people were so distracted by the fact that we were both in it that they didn’t actually watch the episode and just enjoy that,” Green says. “But I think the part was good enough and funny enough, and the characters were opposite enough that it was interesting. I think people immediately will get away from the fact that we’re married just by watching what it is we’re doing. Once [we] got past that initial, ‘Holy s***, we’re on the same set running lines. This is weird,’ then it was fun. We trust each other, we know each other enough to put ourselves out there and not feel embarrassed or awkward.”


Full Interview here


New Philstar Interview

Brian talks about which  of his popular titles he prefers

“If I had to be one or the other, Mr. Fox would be better than Mr. 90210, only because 90210 is a zip code, and I don’t know if I’d want to be known as a mailing address,”

He also talked about his Wedding Day

“My wedding was… my wife and I and my then eight-year-old son, we were on a beach. (So) nothing on the show reminded me of my own wedding. Ours was pretty intimate. There was just us, the ocean and a man with a conch shell. We didn’t have a wedding band, we had the ocean. That was our entire wedding party.”

And Family life

“Family life is great. It’s just nice to have that aspect in life complete. It’s just nice to be not single and date, and go out and meet people, and hope to find somebody that maybe I’ll connect with. It’s nice that I have somebody to share everything with and who loves me no matter what… Now, we’re building a family. It’s the best. I wouldn’t trade it for anything; I really wouldn’t.”


Full interview here


KTLA Video interview with Jesse Lozano

Brian is asked again about how Reese Helped them hide their sons birth at 1:45 no real new info.

At 3.20 he talks about feeling 40 now that he has a baby, and right after that he talks again about How Megan joined the Cast of the Wedding Band.


Full interview here


KTLA 5 Morning News TV interview

At about 1:15 he talks about he and Megan becoming parents he says they are exhausted but Happy and jokes again about being old.

At 2:10 he says Megan takes well to motherhood, says that she is amazing.

At 5mins he talks again about Megan joining the cast


Full Interview here




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