ComicBook Movie ‘Fathom’ starring Megan Fox “close” to being made

10 Nov


Earlier this Week Brian, Megan’s Husband, did a telephone interview in which he confirmed That the movie ‘Fathom’ is still in the works. We haven’t had any news about this since late last year, last we heard the movie had a script and was looking for a studio to make it after the exec at Fox supporting it quit. Brian said they are still working on the script and locations but said they are close which is great news.

For the unaware Brian is a producer on the movie.


Skip to 2:30 to hear Brian’s comment



Below is a Brian interview from 2009 I have never seen it posted on a fansite so I will share it, he talks about Fathom and Megan. The movie is no longer with Fox studio’s, and that projected Fall filming date has long passed.

Brian talks about the difficultly of making the movie

“I think the closest thing I’ve seen to this much underwater work was The Abyss, but they were either in their underwater station or they had the suits on and they’re swimming. They aren’t talking and swimming freely with sea-life. We have action sequences underwater, so, for us I think we are going to be breaking ground creatively with computers.”

Brian talks about Megan’s love of Fathom

“Yeah, she grew up on it. She’s huge fan of Michael Turner [creator of the comic], she used to study his style of art and the way he drew things and the way he did things and she emulated that. She emulated his style for sure. Fathom was her comic, it related to her life. She was a swimmer and loved the ocean and wanted to do all that and was going to the Olympics and didn’t make it because she hurt herself but we always talked about Fathom and trying to make the movie which for me seemed, at that point, so far fetched. Like, “yeah! Let’s try and get a movie made, a big one! Let’s try to get this massive movie made based on a comic book that will no doubt cost so much money to make.”


Full interview here




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