Friends with Kids out on DvD/Blu-Ray in Australia Nov 7th plus more

6 Nov

Friends with Kids is out on DvD/Blu-Ray and digital download in Australia Tomorrow Nov 7th(I’m Australian) check your local release date if you are outside Australia. It will be available at all good retailers

Special Features

  • Ad-libs and bloopers
  • Feature commentary
  • Making Friends with Kids



Brian on Conan makes brief mention of Megan

Brian made a brief mention of Megan during his Conan appearance. He said that he and Megan aren’t allowed to watch each others stuff(he has mentioned this before), Megan tries to watch 90210, she tries to watch it to make fun of him, he said their relationship is better when they tease each other. see the clip here Another clip here he talks about building a R2D2 robot

No mention of Noah or the pregnancy


Info on Megan’s upcoming ‘Wedding Band’ Guest Appearance

Megan will be making a guest appearance on her Husbands new TV series called The Wedding Band. She will appear in the second episode on Nov 17th on TBS at 10pm more info here. Variety reviewed the series here(slight spoilers) they were actually quite impressed by the show itself. They made mention of some specifics regarding Megan’s role (slight spoilers)


easily the funniest(episode), with the group playing a sci-fi wedding, and Tommy(Brian) becoming an instant hero/villain of geeks everywhere by bedding the lead of a “Battlestar Galactica”-like series (guest Megan Fox, the real-life Mrs. Green)




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