Megan Fox Box Office and Sales Update

1 Aug

Friends with Kids slowed down in the UK  and sits at about $1.6million, it has now made $128,295 in Argentina see here for more foreign numbers. Friends with Kids has now taken almost $12million worldwide well above its production cost of “well under $10million” exact figure has not been released.

The main Friends with Kids news since my last update is that the movie was released on DvD/Blu-ray as well as on VoD/iTunes etc.



In its first week of release Friends with kids  was ranked the 4th most watched movie on VOD see here, in its second week it dropped to 5th see here


DvD Rentals

In its first week Friends with kids was ranked the 5th most rented DvD see here in its second week it held onto 5th see here


DvD and Blu-Ray sales

The DvD sales for the week ending July 22nd puts Friends with Kids at 11th see here.

Best I could find for Blu-Ray sales was a top 10 list, Friends with kids did not make the top 10 however this site lists the top overall sellers for the week ending July 22nd Friends with Kids is 12th with 31% of its sales being on Blu-ray



Friends with Kids sits second on iTunes movies as I write this see here and is currently number 1 on iTunes Movie rentals see here
Overall very good results for the movie considering its small budget.




The Dictator continues to plod along, currently it sits at $165,250,222  worldwide. See here



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