Megan Fox ‘A’ Magazine Italy interview, Robot Chicken special at Comic Con

16 Jun

Megan recently did an interview with an Italian Magazine called ‘A Magazine’. Below is a rough translation. She didn’t confirm or deny the pregnancy.

“Do not stop the body. Megan Fox in particular has a great sense of humor. ” The Los Angeles Times wrote about the launch of the last trailer for The Great Dictator, a film by Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat to) out June 15: Megan plays herself, but in version ring. “You’ve earned every single penny,” says the protagonist in bed, before offering jewelery and money in exchange for sex: “I hope there is everything that your manager has asked.” Her: “Only a ruby? For whom do you take me for one of the Kardashian sisters? “. In fact, Megan Fox is not one to precious stones and is very far from trashy dive that pollute the tv. When it passed with Transformers from obscurity to absolute popularity, said: “The machismo is not dead. And I speak not only of Hollywood. My body made me get here, but I have a great brain and I intend to use it. We live in a chauvinistic world, and we women have to defend ourselves: no longer have to end up like Marilyn Monroe. I’ll never in a reality television show, and I have never tasted the couch of a manufacturer not go down to compromise. ” Two years ago she married the man she loved, without thinking too much their own “market value”: Brian Austen Green is in fact at the time was a star of Beverly Hills 90210, but has since racked up only micro appearances. To those who question whether it is she who keeps the family, Megan replied, “It’s not your problem. In reality, neither is ours. ” Definitive proof that is not a Kardashian is any silence about her motherhood: Having grown up the son of her husband (Kassius, 10 years), is pregnant. Topic which is silent: it circulates the rumor that, is that a child will be born, and in late September.

His actress-escort scene in The Great Dictator is proof that we must not stop at appearances.
“I have always fought against the superficiality and prejudice. Where I was born, whether you were beautiful, and you said that your dream was not to get married and have a family, you were a “bad woman”. Indecent proposals? I have received, of course, but I refused. They are sexy, but it’s only sex with the man I love: You like that since I was 18 and I met Brian. ”

He said he envied George Clooney: why?
“You can make jokes of a sexual without being misunderstood. If I do give me the “available”. And look at that I have the same lightness of George, I told him. The beauty does not mean stupidity, or ease of manners. Even Sacha, say, the victim of his reputation as an actor trash: it’s actually a very clever and in all his jokes and gags, there is a profound social satire, even to us Americans that we believe so “democratic”. Racism, however, is not dead: now we are no longer judged by the color of our skin, but for the money we have in the bank. ”

When she told her mother she wanted to act?
“Three years. I’d love the Wizard of Oz and I wanted to be Judy Garland. I grew up in a petty bourgeois family: we were often struggling to make ends meet and dream of a different life was on my way to escape from that reality. ”

He recently obtained a correction from the French magazine Jalouse. How did it go? He reads everything that comes out about her?
“Of course not. They said that I would have said: “I would never be a girl unattractive.” Beauty is a gift, I consider myself lucky, I have a great relationship with my body but I’d be fine with myself even if I had those legs, the breasts and these eyes. I have explained, the director has understood and are correct: it should be like that, right? I learned the hard way what to say and not say to reporters. ”

Of his relationship with Brian, so what can you say?
“He has changed my life, I his. God as they are obvious. Trivial. Almost Hollywood. ”

Robot Chicken DC special

Megan is doing the voice of Lois Lane for this special. There will be a Robot Chicken Panel at Comic Con on Friday July 13th. No mention of Megan attending though

• Robot Chicken/Robot Chicken DC Comics Special (Adult Swim): Co-creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, Tom Root, Matthew Beans and star Breckin Meyer will participate alongside DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns to preview the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special. Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 3-3:45p.m.

Source THR


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