Jalouse Magazine apologizes to Megan Fox for misquoting her

31 May

The following post was just made on Megan’s Facebook. Jalouse is a French Magazine

Regarding post on March 30th, Thank you Jalouse Magazine for printing the following retraction:
“In a Jalouse cover story featuring Ms. Megan Fox, we unfortunately misquoted Ms. Fox. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”


This is the “March 30th” post being referred to

Before this starts to circulate and spin into something else I want to address a “quote” that has started to run from an interview I did with a French magazine called Jalouse.
The quote reads “i wouldn’t trade my place with an unattractive girl”
The actual comment, the context and it’s intention are grossly distorted and misrepresented here.
I gave this interview in English obviously, it was then translated to French and now back into English.
I’ve never made vapid self serving comments and in contradiction am uncontrollably self deprecating.


If you are interested in the interview very rough translation here. They were trying to make her look bad and making fun of her.

Megan’s official facebook http://www.facebook.com/MeganFox




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