New Candids May 23rd and Gossip Cop “Confirms” Megan Fox is pregnant

23 May

Megan and Brian were spotted leaving a restaurant on May 23rd. Megan is seen pulling her cardigan forward.  Strange that there is only 1 pic showing her belly? do you think the papz choose that one because it looks like Megan has a bump? The other pic is obscured but you can kinda see her shirt and the ‘bump’ looks different

Thanks Just Jared

Gossip Cop ‘Confirms’ Megan is pregnant

Gossip Cop a site famous for busting false rumours is saying a source has confirmed to them that Megan is Pregnant. I still don’t believe it and heres why

  • Why did this source confirm it now after yet another story but wouldn’t confirm earlier?
  • No name is given
  • I saw people online saying Megan is due in September before this new star magazine story. This rumour has become so entrenched that people are just believing it
  • I think Gossip Cop’s source is someone who made the mistake of believe the rumours and has had no confirmation from Megan or Brian
Source here



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