Megan Fox Birthday countdown Part 2

15 May

As most know Megan turns 26 on the 16th of May. Lets take a quick look at some of the major events of the past year.


‘Friends with kids’ came out in March, ‘The Dictator’ is released on the 16th of May, we also got a first look at ‘This is 40’ and news that Megan will be staring in and producing a movie called ‘Swindle’

Megan promotes the Oscars

Great to see Megan do this promotion, shame she didn’t go to the event though.

Megan Fox for Starbar and MetroCity

2 more products/brands Megan promoted

Megan Rocks Turkey

 The internet and twitter went nuts, it was one of the main stories in Turkey for days! Megan was there to film an ad for Doritos but she also filmed two television interviews both of which topped the TV ratings for their time slots.

Megan interviewed by Saba Tümer for morning TV

Megan on the Beyaz Show part 1 of 3

Here is the Ad

Megan is Back!!

About 1.5 years! after her Elle U.S cover shoot Megan is back!! doing shoots for U.S. magazines in the lead up to the Friends with Kids release.

More international Magazine Shoots

Megan Cover’s Grazia and Jalouse magazine’s

Friends with Kids Premiere and Promotion

It was great to see Megan do promotion for Friends with Kids after she did almost none for Passion Play.

Megan at the FWK premiere

Megan on Ellen to Promote FWK. She was also on Leno see here

Megan and her (growing?) Family

Can’t forget about family, Kas Turned 10 this year. Megan and Brian will be celebrating 2 years of Marriage next Month and lets not forget about those pregnancy rumours




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